How to Remove Carpet Mold

Home Carpeting How to Remove Carpet Mold

There are dangers to having excess carpet mold in the home. One of the main dangers of carpet mold is what it can do to your health. You can develop skin rashes and respiratory illnesses that could cause you problems in later years. In addition to this, your home will become inhabitable because of the mold growth. Mold removal is not a problem that you should attempt to do yourself because you could make the damage worse. It might be best to hire a licensed and trained specialist to do it for you. Here are tips on how to prevent carpet mold in the first place.

How to Remove Carpet Mold

Your best weapon against carpet mold is a regular carpet cleaning. Spend a few hours every few weeks in applying a good carpet cleaner to the carpet with a sturdy scrub brush. You can also hire a cleaning professional to do the job. In addition to cleaning your carpet with a wet foam cleaner, you should also sweep up any leftover debris on the carpet because depending on which rooms the carpet is in, the carpet might get wet and any wet debris on it leads to mold.

“There are certain rooms in the house where carpet mold would develop easily due to the excess humidity in them. One of these rooms is a warm basement and if you want to prevent the mold, it would be a good idea to place a dehumidifier in the home to cut down on the moisture in the room. Dehumidifiers can be bought cheaply at most home improvement stores,” said a spokesperson for Division One, a provider of luxury home remodeling in Denver.

If your entire carpet or sections of the carpet are wet, dry immediately to prevent mold. You should remove the mold-filled carpet from your room and clean it if you’re experienced in doing so. Once this happens, you can hang the carpet out to dry for a few hours outside in the sun. In conclusion, carpet is a beautiful accessory to add to your home but the drawback is the potential for mold to develop. When you prevent the mold from occurring, you will enjoy your carpet better. Talk to others who had to deal with mold and get suggestions on how you can prevent it. Try to keep the carpet dry at all times and you can do this by not eating or drinking on it. Enjoy your carpet and maintain it daily.