Should You Choose Radiant Heating For Your Floor?

Home Flooring Should You Choose Radiant Heating For Your Floor?

There is nothing like the touch of warm, hardwood flooring against your bare feet during the cold winter months. Heating costs for such a luxury are, however, insanely high, so most people try to keep their home-heating expenses to a minimum during this time of year. But having heated flooring is not a luxury that you can only dream of. Radiant floor heating is one of the best ways to heat your home because it is conveniently installed underneath the floor, and does not cause unsightly ducts or vents in your rooms. Radiant floor heating devices work by generating thermal radiation waves that heat up any object that comes in contact with it, which means your floor is the first to go. Read on to learn why you should choose radiant heating for your floor this season.

Why Should You Choose Radiant Heating For Your Floor?

“Radiant floor heating is great for your home in a number of ways, including your health. Because this technology does not utilize air-ducts or a ventilation system, it greatly reduces the likeliness that dust and other particles like mold or mildew will begin to collect in your home. This greatly reduces health hazards for individuals with asthma or allergies to these kinds of particles. It also significantly reduces your energy costs and your home’s carbon footprint by eliminating issues like cracked ductwork an inefficient systems,” said a spokesperson for Altemp Mechanical HVAC service.

Most home HVAC systems provide warmth to the air circulating throughout the building. This, however, does not do much to warm the floors and walls that define the boundaries and foundation of your house. Radiant floor technology provides warmth to your entire home by applying heat directly to your floor. Once the floor is comfortably heated, the rest of the home will gradually begin to warm up because the heat waves generated by this technology will continue to rise and spread throughout the building. This allows you to rely less on your energy-consuming HVAC system and also spend less on monthly expenses, namely electricity.

Perhaps the best part of this technology is that it can be used for any form of flooring. The mat used in this technology is installed underneath hardwood, ceramic, or even stone, and can significantly reduce your energy expenses, and remove unsightly fixtures that affect your home’s aesthetic appeal. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder radiant floor heating is quickly becoming the most popular form of home heating systems that are available today.