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Loop Carpet for Sale

Loop carpet is made by tightly looping the fiber. There are three primary types of loop carpet

  • Textured loop carpet is visually appealing because the loops are different sizes and feature different patterns.
  • Level loop carpet has a soft flat surface. The carpet is very durable and is often used in an office setting.
  • Multi-level loop carpet is basically Berber carpet but the loops are different sizes. This means that it has different patterns that will give your room a charming quality.

Loop became quite popular after Berber carpet experienced widespread use. In the past, it was only somewhat attractive. It had a lower profile because it had a less prominent “cushioning” aspect compared to other carpet styles. However, this carpet has begun to enjoy recognition recently, especially for business owners. It is quite durable and is a great option for areas that experience a lot of foot traffic.

Level is seen in most commercial areas and usually comes with patterns printed on them. Due to its lower density, the loops are often scattered apart and the style has little or no texture. The textured loop carpet, on the other hand, creates visible patterns and is a popular choice for homeowners. Some loop carpet uses a combination of pile yarns that are cut and then looped together to create pattern.

In the end, this type of carpeting is a known for maintaining its quality and it might be years before it needs to be replaced.

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    We all get overwhelmed by the wide variety of flooring types out there, even if we condense the category to carpets only. Everyone has stepped on carpet flooring and noticed the different materials, textures, patterns, and colors. What if we told you there was a reason for all that and each sub-category of carpet serves different purposes and functions? Whether you’re renovating your family home to increase comfort or installing carpeting for your office space to enhance safety, Minneapolis loop carpets will definitely become the main subject of your planning process.

    Don’t worry if you don’t know all about cut-pile or loop carpets. Minneapolis MN homes are in the hands of professionals who have completed multiple installations throughout the Twin Cities. We know the locals’ favorites, as well as their pet peeves, and are more than happy to share with you our knowledge and expertise. Trust our local Minneapolis flooring experts at 651 Carpets for excellent customer service, workmanship, and a pricing system that will exceed your expectations.

    What Are Minneapolis Loop Carpets? 

    Minneapolis MN residential and commercial properties will always rely on some form of carpeting system for increased comfort and safety, whether it’s merely a rug or even roll ends of an original piece of carpet.

    We refer to loop pile carpets as intact on the surface. If you imagine how carpets are originally woven in a loop style fashion, you will notice the knobby appearance on the surface area. So unlike cut-pile, the knotty surface on Minneapolis loop carpets is not cut. Although most loop piles are evenly woven, it’s possible to create different patterns by changing the loop fibers’ heights. The main characteristic of a loop pile carpet is its sturdy surface that barely leaves behind any foot impressions or vacuum marks.

    Although they wouldn’t get an award for the most comfortable type of carpet, it’s still a popular choice for various settings in homes and offices. Minneapolis loop carpets are made of various materials, depending on the kind of quality and longevity you are after. Nylon and wool are considered higher quality, mostly suited for professional and elegant settings, whereas synthetic fibers like polypropylene (also known as olefin) are good for functional purposes.

    Loop Types:

    While there are some artistic ways to create different loop styles, most manufacturers mainly focus on three variations that you will commonly find.

    • Textured loops are made by threading the carpet fiber through the backing and through the front again. Appearance-wise, you will have different size loops, featuring different patterns.
    • Level loops are characterized by even loops that are tightly packed together. During the weaving process it goes through both ends of the backing—front and back; thus, offering a stable yet softer surface than textured. 
    • Multi-level loops have a similar style to textured, except that they tend to have larger loop sizes. Muli-level is comparable to berber, offering loops a more pronounced appearance by using unique sizes and patterns.

    What About Berber?

    Berber is a popular loop pile named after the North African tribe berber that creates their own clothing, rugs, and other materials with cotton, wool, and other fabrics found in nature. You will recognize berber carpets by their distinctive knot patterns, characterized by their multi-colored flecks and patterned loops, from knobby to tight and small, depending on the kind of foot traffic it needs to serve in both residential and commercial environments.

    You could say that berber is probably one of the most popular types of Minneapolis loop carpet installation we offer. Some may think it’s outdated because it has existed for over one thousand years, but this is what makes berber so cost-effective and versatile for all sorts of indoor settings. Depending on the level of durability and performance you seek, nylon and wool materials are ideal for sophisticated spaces, whereas olefin is great for high-traffic areas where accidents like spills are prone to happen. The good news about olefin is that it’s spill-resistant and doesn’t absorb water as quickly as nylon.

    Berber has industrialized the world of loop carpet. Minneapolis MN homeowners, however, prefer safe and natural materials like wool to olefin because olefin requires chemical properties for bonding. Unless you have kids that spend a lot of time on play and rest time on the floor, we recommend opting for wool or nylon.

    Cut-Pile Vs. Loop Pile

    These are two very distinct categories in the realm of carpeting and are solely based on the surface layer. Before manufacturers create a carpet system, they determine material choice, weight, and thickness. During the weaving process, fiber loops are woven back and forth through the backing material, so that you will always have a loop style product in the end. Loop piles are highly durable and work ideally for heavy traffic areas like hallways, staircases, and entryways. 

    Cut-piles, on the other hand, undergo an additional process during which the fiber loops on the surface are cut. As you can imagine, the sheared top makes a fluffier, more comfortable surface, which is ideal for families with kids who spend half their day on the ground playing and napping. The most popular cut-pile types are plush and frieze. 

    Unlike uncut loops, cut piles are more difficult to clean and maintain because dirt and debris tend to vanish under the fibers, especially if you have frieze carpet. One added benefit of Minneapolis loop carpets is stain and moisture resistance, depending on the material you choose and how quickly you clean up any messes.

    Why Choose Minneapolis Loop Carpets?

    Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, the comfort and safety of people walking on your solid ground is your responsibility. While hardwood floors, luxury vinyl planks, and laminate flooring provide class and stability in most areas, you need carpet to enhance safety and provide people with that cushion effect that minimizes any slip hazards.

    Low Costs

    Minneapolis loop carpets often come with lower costs than most cut-piles because they require less work to create that soft, sheared surface. If you choose frieze (the most expensive cut pile), you will notice it’s not only sheared on top but the fiber strands are twisted to mimic a 70s style shag rug. This additional processing step makes frieze more expensive than plush or loop carpets. Minneapolis MN business owners who prefer the functionality and cost-effectiveness of loop styles, tend to install level loop or berber carpets for the comfort of their employees. It’s also easier to opt for materials like olefin because it’s cheaper and easier to maintain.

    Low Maintenance

    Minneapolis loop carpets are very easy to maintain with regular vacuuming and routine carpet cleaning, such as dry cleaning services if you have berber. Some useful tips from your Minneapolis flooring experts to help keep maintenance services low include:

    • Vacuum regularly. While vacuuming level loop carpets with standard beater bars is mostly safe, it’s best to remove the beater bars for other loop types like textured and multi-level. Rely on the powerful suction to remove dirt and soil from the carpet.
    • Pay attention to the material you have. If you have wool material, try to prevent soil accumulation by taking off your shoes before stepping on it.
    • Clean up immediately in the event of a spill. Whether you have nylon, wool or olefin, do not wipe or swish the liquip, instead, blot dry with a piece of paper towel. If you experience a stain, apply some undiluted vinegar, followed by a mild soap mixture, and warm water. Only blot dry with a damp cloth and do not saturate.

    Improves Safety

    Especially in the public world where people are always wearing shoes, you want to ensure they enter a safe indoor space while bringing along mud and snow under their shoes. Minneapolis gets more rain and snow than the average American state. Relying on safe rugs and other types of berber door mats is mandatory for people’s safety.

    In fact, having any type of Minneapolis loop carpet can help improve everyone’s safety by eliminating slip hazards because every pair of shoes have different soles, so it’s hard to determine their traction quality.

    Even if you have an active family at home, looped pile carpets are safe for walking barefoot or kids that tend to run through the house.

    Wide Selection of Colors and Styles

    Although Minneapolis loop pile is best for neutral appearances, you can choose from various colors and styles. Light colors are best for homes due to the cleaner environment, whereas darker colors will complement commercial settings better due to people wearing shoes.

    When Is It Not Suitable To Have Loop Carpets?

    Minneapolis MN families that have pets may have a hard time with this style of carpet. Not only will your carpet be prone to damage such as sagging, but it can also cause injuries to your pet if their claws ever get caught. Cats are known to love playing with the loops, whereas dogs can be actively doing their “zoomies” inside your home.

    So, Are Minneapolis Loop Carpets Worth It?

    Absolutely! Although we do recommend weighing out all the pros and cons before you embark on your new flooring project. The most important job of it is to enhance your living space and complement your home. The main reasons why customers choose Minneapolis loop carpets are:


    Its tight weave style makes it highly durable, and resistant to wear and tear and heavy traffic. While cut-piles become matted and frayed within a few years, Minneapolis loop carpets can last up to ten years from installation and look good as new for many years, given that you follow routine maintenance tasks, such as dry cleaning or steam cleaning from a Minneapolis flooring professional.

    Spill Resistance

    Spill resistance works best on synthetic fibers rather than natural fibers like nylon and wool. Nylon and wool would need to undergo some spray treatment to resist spills. Olefin, on the other hand, is highly stain resistant by nature and doesn’t tend to absorb moisture quickly. But we still recommend cleaning any spills fast before the moisture has time to settle. 


    Minneapolis loop pile is economical because it tends to cost less than cut-piles and can handle more foot traffic than plush. While other people (in home settings specifically) opt for frieze, loop piles will save you more money in the long run with only a minimum of maintenance required.

    Why Choose 651 Carpets?

    We understand that flooring projects are a huge investment that requires lots of decision-making. Whether you’re on a budget or have specific needs, it’s best to have a flooring company that offers FREE in-home consultations. This way, you have someone that can help assess your situation and carefully listen to your needs. Your trusted technician at 651 Carpets will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

    We pride ourselves on our transparency, offering free estimates, price matching services and cost guides to our customers throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. 651 Carpet’s wide range of flooring availability is backed by a lifetime warranty for your installation, as well as a 110% satisfaction guarantee and a “30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee” guarantee on select flooring products.

    You can rely on our trained consultants to answer your questions and ensure you get the most out of your new flooring. We aim to be your most cost-effective option in Minneapolis-St.-Paul, going above and beyond to meet your flooring needs. We don’t believe in viewing catalogs; instead, we bring the showroom straight to you. Our highly experienced team provides expert installation services for loop carpets Minneapolis property owners have always dreamed of!

    Perks To look forward to!

    • Free installation upon purchase
    • Step installation
    • Complimentary furniture moving
    • 48-month financing plan (0%)
    • Free old carpet removal

    Looking for High-Quality Minneapolis Loop Carpets?

    As your number one Minneapolis loop carpet professionals, our team at 651 Carpets is dedicated to providing you with the best services throughout the Twin Cities, from Minneapolis to Saint Paul to Maple Grove and Eagan. We are determined to reinvent the world of carpets by being your most client-focused company, offering the lowest prices you will ever find for high-quality materials.

    Give our courteous consultants a call at 651-227-7387 today to learn more about residential and commercial flooring options or the installation of efficient quartz countertops! When you schedule a FREE, in-home consultation with the expert team at 651 Carpets, you will get the best possible results for your next Minneapolis loop carpet project.

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