Loop Carpet for Sale

Loop Carpet for Sale

Loop carpet is made by tightly looping the fiber. There are three primary types of loop carpet

  • Textured loop carpet is visually appealing because the loops are different sizes and feature different patterns.
  • Level loop carpet has a soft flat surface. The carpet is very durable and is often used in an office setting.
  • Multi-level loop carpet is basically Berber carpet but the loops are different sizes. This means that it has different patterns that will give your room a charming quality.

Loop became quite popular after Berber carpet experienced widespread use. In the past, it was only somewhat attractive. It had a lower profile because it had a less prominent “cushioning” aspect compared to other carpet styles. However, this carpet has begun to enjoy recognition recently, especially for business owners. It is quite durable and is a great option for areas that experience a lot of foot traffic.

Level is seen in most commercial areas and usually comes with patterns printed on them. Due to its lower density, the loops are often scattered apart and the style has little or no texture. The textured loop carpet, on the other hand, creates visible patterns and is a popular choice for homeowners. Some loop carpet uses a combination of pile yarns that are cut and then looped together to create pattern.

In the end, this type of carpeting is a known for maintaining its quality and it might be years before it needs to be replaced.

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