Frieze Carpet for Sale

Frieze Carpet for Sale

In a simple answer, frieze is a style of carpet – which is the way the carpet is designed. Example of other styles are Berber, shag, plush etc. Styles most noticeably impact how your carpet looks, but they also affect how the carpet performs. This is because to achieve certain styles, the carpet has to be constructed in a particular way. This construction can have pros and cons depending on the carpet’s use.

Speaking in very general terms, frieze is a great style to have in your home. It’s really a carpet that doesn’t have a whole lot of drawbacks. It’s a very good style for rooms that have a lot of traffic and pets that also has a unique look that keeps it from being the “boring functional” carpet.

Although it has the appearance of a standard shag carpet, frieze carpet is special carpet because it has a relatively great twist rate that makes it extremely durable. So what makes frieze style unique? Frieze carpets consist of highly twisted strands of fiber. This makes for a unique appearance , but it also makes the carpet more durable because twist level plays a factor in to how well a carpet will hold up to the abuse of daily living.

It has a very soft touch and it will significantly enhance the look and feel of your home.

When choosing a carpet, it is important to install something with a great twist because this ensures that what you are getting is very durable. The ideal density of frieze carpet is also beneficial because carpet that is too dense may not maintain its quality over a long period of time.

When considering frieze carpet – or any carpet for that matter – it is important that the color will support a visual balance with the rest of your home flooring. Although the density of the carpet should be your main concern, the color aspect should not be overlooked. Good carpet stair treads should also be considered.

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