Frieze Carpet for Sale

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Frieze Carpet for Sale

In a simple answer, frieze is a style of carpet – which is the way the carpet is designed. Example of other styles are Berber, shag, plush etc. Styles most noticeably impact how your carpet looks, but they also affect how the carpet performs. This is because to achieve certain styles, the carpet has to be constructed in a particular way. This construction can have pros and cons depending on the carpet’s use.

Speaking in very general terms, frieze is a great style to have in your home. It’s really a carpet that doesn’t have a whole lot of drawbacks. It’s a very good style for rooms that have a lot of traffic and pets that also has a unique look that keeps it from being the “boring functional” carpet.

Although it has the appearance of a standard shag carpet, frieze carpet is special carpet because it has a relatively great twist rate that makes it extremely durable. So what makes frieze style unique? Frieze carpets consist of highly twisted strands of fiber. This makes for a unique appearance , but it also makes the carpet more durable because twist level plays a factor in to how well a carpet will hold up to the abuse of daily living.

It has a very soft touch and it will significantly enhance the look and feel of your home.

When choosing a carpet, it is important to install something with a great twist because this ensures that what you are getting is very durable. The ideal density of frieze carpet is also beneficial because carpet that is too dense may not maintain its quality over a long period of time.

When considering frieze carpet – or any carpet for that matter – it is important that the color will support a visual balance with the rest of your home flooring. Although the density of the carpet should be your main concern, the color aspect should not be overlooked. Good carpet stair treads should also be considered.

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    Minneapolis Frieze Carpets

    Minneapolis homeowners often struggle to find the right type of carpet for their home, whether it’s a new-build or renovation. If you have had carpets before, you will either have had bad or good experiences with them. Good ones will stay with you forever, reminding you of the comfort and, perhaps, aesthetics that complemented a specific spot in the house. On the other hand, bad ones probably lacked maintenance and cleaning that led to wear and other forms of deterioration.

    In modern days, people might raise an eyebrow if you say you want plush or frieze carpets. Minneapolis MN property owners often can’t help but think about 1970s shag carpets with wild colors or that ugly, old-fashioned red with patterns on their grandmother’s staircase. Your expert team of Minneapolis flooring professionals at 651 Carpets is here to eliminate this preconceived idea and will prove to you that Minneapolis frieze carpets and other types of cut-pile and loop pile serve their functions and purpose in modern homes.

    What Are Frieze Carpets?

    Minneapolis MN homes that are equipped with quality frieze carpets likely have high foot traffic because they need that flooring area to handle a considerable amount of weight and also, provide enough comfort, functionality, and safety.

    Frieze is a part of the cut-pile carpet family, characterized by its twisted strands on the surface. Since the loops are cut, it leaves the tufts and fibers pointing loosely in various directions, giving it a messy and clean, neat look at the same time. Inspired by the 1970s shag rug, frieze is a more modern and thinner version of shag with skinnier twisted fibers. The tight twists are densely packed together to provide a similar comfort that you would get with plush carpeting. Frieze’s knobby appearance does not give you the same kind of calm or traditional vibe as plush; instead, you get a more contemporary and casual environment. Unlike plush, frieze is also able to tolerate a lot more heavy traffic.

    Frieze is sometimes referred to as the “trackless” Saxony style carpet because it leaves behind no foot impression or vacuum marks, and even conceals dirt and stains.

    Frieze is primarily made of P.E.T (polyethylene terephthalate) fiber which contains recycled plastics like plastic bottles. Polyester has high stain-resistant qualities and is also frequently used to produce frieze carpets. Minneapolis MN residents who like the nature of frieze but want the best quality possible may also opt for nylon or wool-based frieze.

    What’s The Difference Between Cut-Pile and Loop Pile Carpets?

    There are various household factors to consider as well as personal preferences before deciding on cut-pile or loop pile.

    Manufacturing-wise, they are similar except that cut-pile carpets go through an additional process—loop cutting. Generally, all types of carpets are woven in one way or another, leaving tight knots on the surface. Cut-piles undergo a shearing process where the knots are cut.

    However, Minneapolis frieze carpets go through an additional stage that includes a twist level process.

    Whether you opt for cut-pile or loop pile, both serve their purpose and functions in various home settings. If you have pets, loop piles might not be suitable because their claws can easily get trapped in the loops and lead to injuries.

    Another important thing to pay attention to is that loop pile carpets require careful vacuuming habits. Whether you have an aggressive Dyson or Dirt Devil brand, the part to pay attention to is the rotating bars which can create surface fuzziness that lead to early deterioration. The best way to prevent this mishap is to use a vacuum with an adjustable suction type. Certain head brush attachments without the rotators are best and most suitable for loop piles.

    One major difference between the two is that cut-piles like plush are designed to enhance comfort, whereas loop pile is more functional in terms of handling heavy foot traffic. The densely woven loops can handle weight better and are typically installed on stairs.

    Pros of Minneapolis Frieze Carpets

    • Versatile: Although plush is mostly desired in bedrooms, frieze is also an option. But, in busy home settings, you will most likely find frieze in hallways, stairs, entryways, or nearby casual decorations and furniture. Wherever you have a higher volume of foot traffic, you can’t go wrong with installing frieze carpet. Minneapolis MN homeowners that seek functionality can still highlight the aesthetics of their home’s interior with frieze carpeting.
    • Safe: It’s safe for children and pets to be active, unlike other solid flooring systems that can be hard on the joints, feet, or accident-prone.
    • Durable: The high fiber twist level makes frieze durable because it’s less likely to fray early. This way, it can handle high foot traffic and still meet its shelf life, given that you maintain it well with regular vacuuming and routine deep cleaning services.
    • Comfort: While not as soft as plush, frieze provides enough comfort for those who prefer walking on their bare feet at home.
    • Insulation: All carpets and their underlayments provide a decent R-value to back your heating and cooling systems, but as a specifically dense flooring type, Minneapolis frieze carpet provides extra insulation and noise dampening qualities.
    • Visibly Pleasing: No foot impressions, drag marks, or signs of dirt. This may be simultaneously a pro and con. Despite being pleasing to the eye, it makes people forget that their frieze may need a clean before dirt and other debris settles too far down the ground. Minneapolis frieze carpet also helps hide seams or other imperfections that are evident beneath the long fibers.
    • Fashionable: Frieze carpets allow property owners to reimagine the 1970s with a fresher perspective. So besides functionality, it brings out the uniqueness of each home whether you’re a young professional or living in a household with a family.

    Cons of Minneapolis Frieze Carpets

    • Maintenance: While the fibers on plush are neatly sheared, frieze fibers appear curled or kinked. Depending on how aggressively you use your vacuum, those fibers can get caught in the rotating beater bars of your vacuum cleaner and lead to damage to both your vacuum and the frieze carpet. It’s best to use an adjustable vacuum where you can remove the beater bars. Also, frieze may not be the best with spills because they will run in several directions, complicating the cleaning process. Besides regular vacuuming, your flooring experts in Minneapolis recommend routing deep cleaning, such as steam cleaning services to help maintain your frieze.
    • High Costs: Whether you choose from the cut-pile or loop pile category, Minneapolis frieze carpet is one of the more expensive options for home flooring. This is because frieze undergoes a special manufacturing process to make it as unique as it is, stylish and durable. If you’re on a budget, P.E.T or polyester are the cheaper options compared to nylon and wool.
    • Lack of Options: It does not come with a wide selection of styles or colors and unlike other types of carpets, there is not much you can do pattern-wise.

    Minneapolis Frieze Carpets – FAQs

    Now that you know the essentials of Minneapolis frieze carpets, you’ll likely still have questions, and rightfully so, organizing your floor plans is not a walk in the park, especially when you’re designing your new home’s interior from scratch. Where are the dwelling areas or high-traffic areas?

    Our team of experts at 651 Carpets have helped residential and commercial property owners throughout the Twin Cities Minneapolis-St. Paul choose their ultimate frieze carpet and answered the following questions to ensure a hassle-free shopping experience. Don’t see your question below? Feel free to reach out to us for more information!

    Why 651 Carpets For Minneapolis Frieze Carpets?

    We offer a wide range of carpet services, from detailed consultations to efficient installations and repairs. We ensure that your flooring needs are met and even strive to exceed your expectations. You won’t find a 110% satisfaction guarantee anywhere where companies agree to give you a 30-day period to decide whether or not you “love” your carpet from our “love your floor” products.

    As your qualified carpet installers, we stand by our excellent workmanship and offer lifetime installation coverage for your peace of mind as long as maintenance requirements are met. More perks to look forward to include:

    • Free in-house consultation
    • Free carpet installation upon purchase
    • Lifetime installation coverage
    • 110% satisfaction guarantee
    • Complimentary furniture moving
    • 48-month financing plan (0%)
    • Free old carpet removal!

    How Much Do Minneapolis Frieze Carpets Cost?

    As we have alluded to pricing earlier, frieze is more expensive than your average carpet due to the extra twist-level step during production. However, it’s still less expensive when compared to the more solid types like hardwood or luxury vinyl planks.

    When comparing the prices between polyester and nylon materials, you will find a huge price difference too, depending on where you’re browsing or collecting estimates from. We prefer details and precisions, so nothing falls through the cracks. Besides materials that include carpet padding, we will take detailed measurements of your home and provide you with a fully transparent estimate, so you won’t ever have to deal with any hidden costs.

    Since we also pride ourselves on being your most cost-effective carpet company in Minneapolis and surrounding areas, we offer price-matching to guarantee that we will always beat our competitors’ rates.

    Can I Shampoo My Frieze?

    Unfortunately, frieze is not as easy to clean as plush. Besides vacuuming, we do not recommend that you perform a deep cleaning on your own. Although frieze fibers are durable, they are long and dense and not compatible with all types of shampoos. And too much water use will complicate the suction process leading to a longer drying period. Not only will the excess moisture damage the fibers but could cause mold growth. When you hire our flooring experts, you can rest assured that we use high-powered suction equipment to get your flooring clean and good as new.

    Is Frieze The Only Type That Doesn’t Show Footprints?

    Not at all! Unless you’re referring to the cut-pile types, then yes. But if you want to learn more about loop pile styles, our floor professionals are more than happy to introduce to you a showcase room, so that you can test its functionality and comfort. The knobby appearance is the carpet’s initial woven state without any tampering with the surface area. Many property owners, particularly in commercial spaces, prefer this type of flooring because it provides a high level of durability, safety, and comfort. Tracklessness and stain resistance are additional advantages of loop piles. Berber is the most common example that is widely used in both homes and commercial office spaces.

    How Long Does Frieze Last?

    When it comes to frieze carpets, Minneapolis MN homeowners surely hope frieze will last up to ten years like its counterparts. However, it will depend on the maintenance it receives and the impact it has received from high volume traffic. For instance, plush is supposed to last up to ten years as well as long as it’s low volume. This means that frieze will require extra attention to stay functional and in shape.

    Choose 651 Carpets For Frieze Carpets in Minneapolis, MN!

    Our flooring experts are here to provide you with outstanding Minneapolis frieze carpet installation services. Since we’ve been receiving so much positive feedback from our customers, we pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and customer dedication. We always calculate every single step, from start to finish. When hiring flooring experts, you also want every step explained carefully and patiently, whether you’re getting luxury vinyl plank, hardwood flooring, or frieze carpets. Minneapolis MN homeowners will benefit from our expertise and experience, backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

    To help you get started and get the job done, give us a call at 651-227-7387 to chat with our friendly customer service representatives, make a convenient appointment for a FREE in-home estimate or ask any questions that you may have about other flooring options. Find out why we’re the go-to pros for Minneapolis frieze carpets in the city and nearby areas like Eagan and Maple Grove, from services like stretching to repair.