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Why Should I Replace My Carpet?

Carpet cleaning often doesn't offer the same benefits as carpet replacement.
It may be time to have your carpets replaced. See if there are damages to your carpet that would warrant replacing.

Just like the life of your home seeing fluctuations over time with repairs, replacements and changes throughout, your carpet and flooring is no different. Carpet doesn’t last forever and depending on how long you have had your home or if it’s been around long enough, the carpet can be pretty worn, torn or otherwise damaged. Your older carpet has been reliable over time and maintained a certain aesthetic to your home. Even if your carpet isn’t particularly aged, enough stain, odor or other wear damage can significantly impact the livability and enjoyment of your home.

Carpet cleaning can be effective for isolated incidents and localized problem areas, but more often than not, when it comes to tearing, excessive wear and overwhelming staining/odors, carpet replacement is the most effective option to fix your carpet issues.

If your carpet is experiencing any of the following, it may be time to give 651Carpets a call.

  • Permanent stains
  • Persistent odors
  • Irreparable damage
  • An increase in allergy symptoms
  • Visible wear
  • Simply wanting a new look for your room

Our flooring experts are keen to see the issues you may have with your old, tired flooring. We’re committed to providing excellent consultations and installations.


Your carpet could be quite old, depending on the age of your home or the last time it was replaced. If you have lived in your home for 15 or 20 years and haven’t had your carpet replaced since you moved in, or even before, it is well past time for you to have your carpet replaced again! When living in your home every single day, it’s easy to not notice the gradual and subtle change as your carpet ages and is slowly worn over time.

In just under a decade, your carpet loses its pile and texture, and becomes matted with the constant pressure under feet and furniture. Despite proper vacuuming, spot cleaning and other maintenance methods over the life of the carpet, all of this regular aging occurs with normal wear.

Carpet Sub-Layers

It’s a bit easier to tell on the surface if your carpet is in need of replacement with texture and feel, but it’s much tougher to see the important layers below your carpet, like the subfloor or padding. When wear happens to the carpet, it can often effect these layers as well. Longer wear and heavy furniture can damage the padding and create permanent depressions and make the carpet above uneven.

If there are stains or odors that linger long enough on the carpet before being cleaned, they can often permeate to the padding or even the subfloor, meaning even if you cleaned the carpet spots, there could be odor or fundamental issues with your flooring.

Rips & Tears

While damage can occur to carpets as a result of long life, there is the potential for carpet to see unexpected damages. One thing carpet cleaning cannot do is repair tear damage on carpets. Larger scale damage is not easily repaired, and often new carpet can be more affordable than repairing widespread damage to old carpet. Don’t cover up your damages, you want carpet you can live with and enjoy in your home, so it’s important to respond to carpet damage properly.

Stains & Smells

Like mentioned above, staining and odors can have a tremendous effect on you and your family being able to exist in your home comfortably. Stains and odors can become deeply ingrained in the carpet and padding quickly, so if stains are not addressed, the chance your carpet has more underlying issues is greater.

Replace Your Carpet Today 

651Carpets is the gold-standard of carpet replacement companies in Minnesota and the Twin Cities. We have been selling beautiful new carpet at the best prices in the region for years and want to help restore beauty in your home’s carpet.

Get a FREE estimate for your carpet replacement soon and get our NEXT DAY installation from our professional, experienced installers. Keep on the lookout for our promotions that help us make 651Carpets your most affordable option for the best carpet around.

At 651 Carpets, we take great pride in providing high quality, efficient carpet installations. Our highly trained and experienced team will make sure that no matter how large or small, your carpet replacement will be done right the first time.

If you are thinking about replacing your carpet but are worried about the cost of the project, call us for a free estimate. We provide competitive rates. Our excellent customer service is the reason we have been a valued member of the local business community for years.

Once you have decided on your carpet replacement, simply choose the carpet you want and leave the rest to us!

Call us at 651-227-7387 today or schedule your in-home estimate now!

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