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Plush Carpet for Sale

plush carpet is a type of cut pile carpet. It is recognized by the style of its smooth weave. It is so smooth and clean cut that looks like trimmed grass. Plush carpets are one of the best options on the market because of their casual yet alluring visual appeal.

Plush carpets are amazing for home covering because they are very soft and comfortable to walk on. They come in sophisticated and attractive colors that give the room an appealing look. They have a cushion effect because of the small trusses that are spaced closely to each other. This makes them perfect for rooms where you would spend the most time sitting on the floor.

Plush carpets are one of the most durable carpets and when maintained properly, they can be used for a long time. You can give a dramatic look to your room by choosing a dark colored plush carpet.

Maintenance of Plush carpeting is also easy and feasible. Normally it is resistant to stain and soil. Besides this, the protective liquids also help from removing the stains or dirt from its fibers. We advised that you vacuum and clean the carpet regularly.

In the end, the advantages are great. With proper maintenance, it will be a perfect choice until the end. It will also provide a great deal of comfort and warmth in the rooms it covers.

If you feel that plush carpet is a good choice for your home or office, we will take care of the installation process for you. Carpet installation comes naturally for our dedicated flooring experts. Experienced and enthusiastic about their work, you can rest easy knowing that your plush carpet will be installed correctly the first time. In addition, we will gladly work around your schedule.

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    Plush Carpet in Minneapolis, MN

    You don’t have to be a carpet aficionado to choose the type of carpet you want for your home. Knowing that the experts will guide you through the entire process is probably enough for you, from choosing to installing to relishing your final flooring project. But instead of learning everything in a nutshell, we care about giving our customers even the smallest details and tips because when doing your own research, you will have more time to think about what you exactly want and evaluate whether it will also meet your needs.

    When thinking of plush carpets, Minneapolis MN homeowners might imagine bedrooms, particularly kids’ bedrooms or that one comfy spot in the living room where people gather on the floor to play cards or board games. Most people just need to look and feel, and they know what they want, so there is no need to know more about what loop pile or cut-pile carpet is and how they benefit different areas in your home. We beg to differ!

    Once you learn about maintenance needs, you might change your mind about what you love. Our Minneapolis flooring experts at 651 Carpets are detail-oriented and highly efficient in what they do. If you have always been a lover of plush flooring, our team will tell you all about what it is, what types are out there, and any pros and cons that will help you in making the right decision!

    What Are Plush Carpets?

    Minneapolis MN family homes have at least a few isolated areas equipped with plush if not the entire house! Plush is part of the cut-pile family where the fiber is threaded through the carpet backing. This way, the tops of the loops are cut, leaving the tufts and fibers pointing loosely upward. The yarn in the pile is cut the same length and densely packed together to create this soft texture. Depending on the type of underlayment you choose, your Minneapolis plush carpet experience can be intensified with extra softness!

    Among sellers in the industry, plush carpeting is often referred to as “Saxony carpet” which gives this type more of a sophisticated and elegant ring that inspires customers to visualize a professional workspace or even a neat-looking dining room. That’s when you want your Minneapolis plush carpet to add some class to that specific space.

    High-quality plush is made of 100 percent nylon or wool, whereas other types are made of synthetic fibers.

    Types of Plush:


    • Straight: Straight plush has neutral, uniform color because the fibers are all cut in the same direction, and therefore, they all run in the same direction. While easy to care for, they tend to leave visible signs of footprints and vacuum marks behind.
    • Textured: In the world of plush carpet, Minneapolis MN experts also describe textured as “tracks” because it features slightly twisted yarns. However, they’re not as long as frieze carpets and hide foot impressions better than the straight type because the fibers appear to be kinked and twisted, influencing the tone of the overall color. Textured plush is still fairly new in the market and works best for homeowners who prefer fibers not as long as frieze.

    What Are The Benefits Of Plush Carpets Minneapolis?

    Minneapolis MN homeowners who are still on the fence, do not despair! There are a few more things to cover before you choose your ultimate plush flooring. Everyone has their unique needs as well as pet peeves, and we’ll make sure to address that. First, let’s focus on the benefits of plush.

    Variety of Colors

    Plush comes in all sorts of vibrant colors that help amplify the aesthetics of your home, whether you choose dark blue for your bedroom to create a warm and calm atmosphere or choose beige or cream color to elicit a neutral, yet inviting vibe.

    Safe for the Little Ones

    You’ll rarely find children’s bedrooms that have no carpet, whether it’s a soft plush area rug or full-plush. Parents who choose plush for their children want to enhance their safety and comfort when playing. Since children spend a lot of their playtime on the floor, you want it to be easy on the joints. While your preferred flooring might be solid wood or luxury vinyl plank for practical and functional purposes, it’s not necessarily safe and comfortable for little rascals—and that includes pets.

    Plush is safe for both children and pets because the top fibers are sheared. On the other hand, loop pile carpets are not cut on the surface, which means that your pet’s claws can easily get trapped in those loops. Not only can this cause injuries but also damage your flooring system and lead to a faster deterioration process. With cut-pile plush, you won’t have any safety issues.

    Highly Durable

    When choosing plush carpet, Minneapolis MN property owners want to know how durable it is. Like most carpet types, plush can last up to ten years with the necessary maintenance like regular vacuuming and routine carpet cleaning. However, it’s important to note that as a prime household carpet, plush is not really designed for high-traffic areas although nylon is made of durable materials. It resists abrasion and enables an easy clean as long as it has received a stain treatment.


    If you opt for high-quality nylon plush, you can rest easy knowing that it’s very stain-resistant. That said, it will still need cleaning in the event of a spill! Most nylon has undergone a stain protection treatment, enabling it to prevent liquids from quickly sinking into the fibers. This gives you enough time to clean up any mess before they settle.

    Another common material used in plush is a synthetic fiber like polyester which is naturally hydrophobic and resists water.

    Pro Trip: Always ensure that your nylon plush carpet has been treated with a high-quality stain repellent (all the way from the surface to the backing!). This way, it will always resist stains and soil. Remember to book annual steam-cleaning services to maintain the plush structure.


    Most Minneapolis property owners will be happy to know that nylon materials can easily be recycled. On the other hand, Minneapolis plush carpets made of polyester already contain recycled plastics (at least in many cases). It’s also more cost-effective and sustainable than nylon.

    Always in Fashion

    Unlike some other carpet styles and types, plush never goes out of fashion, especially in Minneapolis family homes. Thanks to the wide variety of colors and the opportunity to choose between straight and textured, you will always find something you like.

    When Should You Not Use Plush?

    The only time plush is not suitable is when someone in your Minneapolis household suffers from allergies. Unless you diligently vacuum every day and hire seasonal steam-cleaning services that person might not have a comfortable time at home, especially if you have active pets and kids.

    Everyday dust, debris, and other pollutants will settle on surfaces, particularly on your plush carpet. While entirely stain-resistant, it does not repel dust particles, dander, and bacteria from making your plush their forever home. Dust mites and bacteria will use this opportunity to spread. If you suffer from allergies and are immune-compromised, having plush or any type of carpet can greatly affect your health.

    Plush Carpets in Minneapolis — FAQs

    And we are not done yet! We have told you about the essentials of Minneapolis plush carpeting systems but after every lecture, students are free to ask questions. Our team of experts, who have helped property owners throughout the Twin Cities Minneapolis-St. Paul choose their ultimate plush carpet, and answered the following questions to facilitate their shopping experience. If you don’t see your question below, feel free to reach out to us for more information.

    Which is Better, Cut-Pile or Loop Pile?

    This highly depends on your household and personal preference. Overall, they share a similar purpose and function to home settings. But we have hinted before that if you have active animals at home, loop piles might not be suitable due to potential injuries and early damage that can occur.

    Another important thing to pay attention to is that loop pile carpets require careful vacuuming habits. Whether you have an aggressive Dyson or Dirt Devil brand, the part to pay attention to is the rotating bars which can create surface fuzziness that lead to early deterioration. The best way to prevent this mishap is to use a vacuum with an adjustable suction type. Certain head brush attachments without the rotators are best and most suitable for loop piles.

    One major difference between the two is that cut-piles like plush are designed to enhance comfort, whereas loop pile is more functional in terms of handling heavy foot traffic. The densely woven loops can handle weight better and are typically installed on stairs.

    How To Choose The Best Plush For Children?

    Choosing your ideal kid-friendly plush carpet will depend on safety, comfort, and ease of cleaning. Of course, you will also want it to be stain-resistant and durable too, knowing how often and for how many years they will be playing and eating in that space.

    For that purpose, we do not recommend wool or cotton-based fibers. Stain-treated nylon or polyester will be your best option.

    Do I Need To Choose An Underlayment For Plush?

    Once you have chosen the best corresponding carpet underlayment, it’s a walk in the park for your local flooring professionals at 651 Carpets to install your dream flooring. We like to give our customers more details about underlayments because they are a huge part of your overall flooring system. Besides comfort, they provide support that will ensure your plush will meet its lifespan. It also provides thermal insulation and improves acoustics throughout the room. That said, there are two main types of underlayment to choose from—foam and rubber. Polyurethane foam is widely used and recommended, whereas rubber carries a higher price tag and is more difficult to source in some areas (also not recommended in the event of latex allergies).

    Most carpets (besides Berber) require a padding thickness of 7/16 inches and a weight between 6 and 8 lbs. for the best results. Our flooring experts can tell you all about it when you book your FREE in-house consultation with us.

    How Do You Best Clean Plush?

    Regular vacuuming is the best way to keep any debris, dust, and grime from settling on the ground. In the event of spills, ensure to take care of it immediately because stain-resistant means it’s stain-proof. While the carpet fibers will repel the liquid, it doesn’t mean it won’t sink below the ground and affect your underlayment.

    Annual steam-cleaning is the way to go if you want to keep your plush in tip-top shape, ensuring it will meet its ten years shelf life.

    Do Synthetic Plush Carpets In Minneapolis MN Emit Chemical Gases?

    Outgassing is certainly something environmentally-conscious homeowners in Minneapolis are worried about. So the majority prefer purchasing organic materials like wool or cotton-based. Luckily, nylon and synthetic materials like polyester are safely sourced materials. The only time you might be worried about chemical gases like formaldehyde is when inquiring about special treatments including spraying, gluing, and other forms of bonding that concern the backing material. Always check with the manufacturer about these details.

    Choose 651 Carpets For Plush Carpets in Minneapolis, MN!

    As an honest carpet company, our flooring experts have helped many customers make the right choice for their flooring needs. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll get outstanding Minneapolis plush carpet installation services. Unlike other carpeting contractors, we pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship and customer care and always calculate every single step, from start to finish.

    When hiring flooring experts, you also want every step explained carefully and patiently, whether you’re getting luxury vinyl plank, hardwood flooring, or plush carpets. Minneapolis MN homeowners will benefit from our professionalism and experience, backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

    To help you get started and get the job done, give us a call at 651-227-7387 to chat with our friendly customer service representatives, make a convenient appointment for a free in-home estimate or ask any questions that you may have about other flooring options. Find out why we’re the pros for Minneapolis plush carpets in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, including other services like stretching or repair.