4 of the Latest Hardwood Flooring Trends

Home Flooring 4 of the Latest Hardwood Flooring Trends

Every year new trends emerge in the interior design industry, and as we see more and more people moving into smaller spaces, designing with intent is becoming more and more necessary. One trend in flooring directly acknowledges the current zeitgeist of living minimally and in smaller spaces, with very noticeable design characteristics; and that is to make the spaces appear bigger and more unique.  So here are the top flooring trends of 2019.

Larger tiles and wider planks

One of the most recent trends to emerge is wider and longer tiles and planks. One benefit of using larger tile slabs and plans is that is makes a room look much larger. They are also easier to clean compared to smaller counterparts. This trend isn’t very niche either, as many flooring manufacturers have been making the move to produce larger flooring options, so expect this trend to stay for quite some time.

Lighter colored wood flooring

Two of the more up-and-coming wood flooring colors are blonde and light gray. Gray wood flooring has been on the trend radar for some time now, but it still a fantastic flooring choice for 2019. The reason why this color is so popular is because it is flattering for any room, as it offers a cool and modern feel. It also helps make the room appear larger and dust-free. Blonde wood is also making a comeback after quite some time, as it too also makes the room look larger. Instead of the clean, ultra contemporary look that gray gives, blonde wood has a much more warm and welcoming feel.


Parquet hardwood are making a comeback, and it’s for a good reason. These beautifully patterned floors give a space a look unlike any other flooring option. The most common patterns are herringbone and chevron, but there are other diagonally shaped patterns as well. These unique patterns surely give a room an everlasting, eye-catching look.