Berber Carpet for Sale

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Berber Carpet for Sale

This carpet’s tightly looped style makes it a very strong flooring option. Berber carpet is made from flecked looped yarns. It is known for being stylish and immensely unique. Berber carpet is one of the most easily identifiable carpet types in the world. Its loops come in a number of sizes, from “knobby” to very tight and small. This aspect gives homeowners many options.

One of the many benefits of Berber carpet is that it is perfect for people with allergies and children alike because it has the ability to stop the growth of bacteria.

Berber carpet is very comfortable. Why? It is because it is manufactured with many air pockets that give it a “cushion feeling” when walked on. In addition, it is very durable and can be cleaned easily. It will be a long time before any deterioration is seen on its surface. Its longevity is well known.

Berber carpet is very affordable even though it is extremely rich. It comes in a variety of grades and colors that show its plush side. The economical installation of this carpet is encouraging as it usually costs much less than most other carpet styles.

In addition, berber is resistant when it comes to stains and is relatively simple to clean. Berber carpet is known for comfort as well as its looped style that provides a cushioning effect. Most berber carpet is relatively inexpensive, making it a logical option considering it should last a long time.

Would you like to install Berber carpet in your home or office? The carpet installation experts at 651 Carpets are recognized for their reliability, integrity and superior craftsmanship. We are devoted to providing the highest quality installation by using proven methods. Our customer-focused service, affordable prices and our dependability have resulted in a huge amount of return and referral business. No matter what you are looking for in carpet, please contact us for all of your flooring needs.

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    Minneapolis Berber Carpets

    Even if you’re a flooring aficionado, choosing the right flooring type for your home or business can be a nerve-wracking experience. You might have to consider other people’s preferences, along with many other factors like low-traffic areas versus high-traffic areas. There is also a misconception that carpet flooring is only suitable for homes, but that highly depends on the type of carpet you choose.

    There are durable types of carpets made for heavy traffic for both households and commercial spaces. This is where Minneapolis berber carpets come in to facilitate your flooring needs! The Minneapolis flooring technicians at 651 Carpets bring experience and expertise in flooring installation and repair services. When you own a residential or commercial property, you require specialists that know how to weigh out the pros and cons between functionality and aesthetics.

    Whether you need commercial carpet installation, hardwood flooring replacement, or berber carpet repair, you can count on our experienced professionals, serving Minneapolis and St. Paul, to get the job done for you.

    What’s So Special About Berber Carpets?

    Minneapolis MN property owners who love high-quality door mats often have berber mats in their entryway and for a good reason! Berber is one of the most popular products that exist in the flooring industry. The origin of berber goes as far back as the Paleolithic era but became popular after the North African berber tribe started crafting their own hand-woven clothing and rugs thousands of years ago, using natural fabrics from flax, cotton, wool, and silk.

    Berber carpets’ distinctive knotting patterns and looped carpet style stand out the most and are one of the most important features for stability and durability. For this reason, they became an alternative choice for indoor flooring installations. Nowadays, berber has a more industrialized appearance, especially in public and commercial environments. Coming in different colors and styles, Minneapolis berber carpets are made of quality nylon and wool materials. Another more cost-effective material is polypropylene (also known as olefin), which is made of polyester and fiber blends.

    A noticeable characteristic of berber carpet is often the multi-colored flecks and the patterned loops. However, those loops can come in a wide range of sizes—from knobby to tight and small, depending on the kind of foot traffic. In fact, Minneapolis berber carpets offer a great variety of benefits for homeowners and business owners that seek a flooring system that is versatile, safe, and cost-effective.

    Low Costs

    Compared to alternative carpet flooring that comes with a higher price tag and sometimes less efficiency, depending on the purpose, you’ll be able to get more functionality and cost-effectiveness out of berber carpets. Minneapolis MN business owners are prepared for employees and visitors coming and going. To provide everyone with the utmost comfort, berber carpets have always been the best and most cost-effective choice for commercial spaces. Olefin material is primarily used in business environments because it’s cheaper and simpler to manufacture.

    Still, newer styles with enhanced fibers are used to create the ultimate Minneapolis berber carpet. This is if you prefer highly graded materials, such as nylon or wool.

    Enhances Safety

    In public, you can’t expect people to take off their shoes. It’s also not in your best interests to provide people with slippers once they’re indoors. Although some Japanese businesses do that to fend off evil spirits from entering their properties, it’s not a North American custom.

    Minneapolis gets an average of 32 inches of rain and 52 inches of snow per year, which means that all those people entering your building will have filthy shoes and boots, leaving trails of puddles, mud and other mess in your space. Berber door mats are available in various sizes, but the more people cleaning off their shoes on those mats, the wetter the mats will become. Having Minneapolis berber carpet, any residual water will slowly dry off as people walk, minimizing slip hazards.

    Low Maintenance

    Unlike most carpeting systems, it is very easy to maintain berber carpets. Minneapolis MN property owners who are already praising berber for their low costs and safety will be happy to hear that residential and commercial carpet cleaning is much easier than the traditional cleaning process. In fact, berber requires annual dry cleaning services during which berber carpet specialists use dry cleaning powders to draw out dirt and grime.

    That said, routine vacuuming and inspection will help maintain berber carpet, keeping it clean and safe from indentations.

    Get Various Styles and Colors

    While multicolored flecks are the most common and identical to berber carpets, you can get styles and colors in different variations to complement your home or business’s interior. While residential homes look nicer with lighter colors, commercial places will likely benefit from darker colors due to indoor shoe-wearing habits.

    Why Choose Minneapolis Berber Carpets?

    At 651 Carpets, we help our customers succeed in their flooring project. Whether you’re looking for affordable options or increased indoor safety, having one of our professional carpet installers guide you through maintenance, installation and repair services will ensure that you make the right choice that will suit you and everybody else.

    The main reasons why customers opt for Minneapolis berber carpets are:

    • Durability: Tight weave, loop pile carpets like berber are highly durable with a great resistance to wear and tear and heavy traffic. While other carpet types become matted and frayed within five years, Minneapolis berber carpets can last up to ten years from installation and maintain their original looks for many years. However, for that outcome, our professionals do recommend opting for fine-quality materials like wool and nylon.
    • Spill Resistance: Wine drinkers tend to avoid almost all types of carpet, but did you know that berber offers spill resistance? The materials used in berber carpets generally don’t absorb moisture quickly. Whether you spilled your beverage or your pet brought in some dirt, you will have enough time to clean it off before the moisture has time to settle. That said, professional dry cleaning services will also get the job done.
    • Economical: Although berber is rich in materials, you can comfortably choose your grading and colors without putting a dent in your wallet. While it can offer you a similar appearance and texture to plush carpets, berber comes with a much lower installation cost as well as low maintenance services.

    Minneapolis Berber Carpets — FAQs

    While cut-pile carpets have soft, sheared fibers exposed to the surface, it may be a preference for Minneapolis homeowners who love walking barefoot in the house. On the other hand, loop pile types like berber carpets offer a similar comfort but with enhanced sturdiness. The surface is made of loops but can be made in different thicknesses and weights. These are reasons enough for Minneapolis residents to scratch their heads and spend days thinking about which type of berber to choose from. Our team at 651 Carpets has gathered frequently asked questions from our customers and answered them carefully to help you make the right choice for your next flooring project.

    Are Berber Carpets OK For Pets?

    Unfortunately, berber is not pet-friendly. One common problem with berber is snagging, which means that the loops get caught and break. Besides vacuum cleaners and high heels, pet claws can also easily cause sagging problems; furthermore, they can lead to injuries and make your pet’s indoor living uncomfortable. Cats may even be attracted to playing with those loops and cause hard to repair damage.

    Which Is The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Berber Carpets?

    Minneapolis MN homeowners asked this very important question! While vacuuming is the best way to keep most berber carpets clean, it will depend on the type that you have. Certain looped styles are not designed for beater brushes, which are rotating bars that can cause damage to your carpet fibers. Therefore, beater brushes are best for cut-pile carpets, because they help loosen dirt that has settled deep in the pile.

    While vacuuming all types of berber requires care, it’s safest to have vacuum cleaners with adjustable suction strength and beater bar functions. Also, any hands-free devices like robot vacuum cleaners are also ideal for berber.

    How Do I Do Deep Cleaning By Myself?

    Most berber styles are very durable and easy to clean due to their short weave that enables dirt particles to mainly stay on the surface. If you opted for brighter colors, we recommend more frequent cleaning.

    Before you vacuum, inspect the surface for sagging. If there are existing loose strands, they will easily get caught on your rotating bars and cause damage to both your flooring and vacuum. The best option is to remove the beater bar attachments and only rely on the suction hose to remove dirt from the surface. Doing this regularly will prevent any dirt from sinking and embedding into the material.

    In the event of a spill, use a wet or dry vacuum to remove the moisture.

    Berber’s tight weaving system serves well for stain resistance but if the surface appears to be worn, it will eventually trap stains. This is where baking soda should be your go-to household solution.

    1. Pour a fair amount over the affected area and give it time to draw out any moisture.
    2. Vacuum up the baking soda
    3. Dilute vinegar with some cold water
    4. Apply a small amount of solution to the affected area, ensuring the surface does not become too wet.

    Important Note: We do not recommend using vinegar on wine or other alcohol stains because when combined, they can create toxic gases. Simple cold water or carbonated water are good alternatives or call for professional dry cleaning services for more severe stains caused by cooking oil, grease, or make-up.

    Does Berber Need Padding?

    All types of carpets require padding for a longer lifespan and ease of installation, including berber. Since padding comes in different sizes, weight, and thickness, it’s always best to follow or double-check the manufacturer’s instructions. As a rule of thumb, the best padding for berber is fiber-based padding (made of wool or synthetic fibers) that’s thin and dense.

    Is Berber Considered Outdated?

    It may appear so to some because it’s one of the oldest types of flooring systems that originates from ancient rugs. But we care about its durability and enhanced quality thanks to better materials used for production. That’s why it’s still highly regarded in the commercial scene where it can withstand high-traffic areas with only little maintenance. In residential properties, it was primarily used in the basement, but now, you will often find it on stairs and other main areas within a home.

    Which is Better, Berber or Plush Carpet?

    This depends on its purpose. Plush is suited for family homes with kids or specific areas that you want to highlight, such as a dining room. Generally, plush is designed for low-traffic and comfortable spaces where people either sleep or gather for board games. Think of bedrooms and living rooms where you want to experience softness and luxury under your feet.

    When you have berber installed in your home, it should be functional and able to withstand high impact just like it would in a public space. Therefore, there is no better or worse, it’s all about function and comfort.

    Choose 651 Carpets For Minneapolis Berber Carpets!

    When you choose our team of experts at 651 Carpets, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get outstanding Minneapolis berber carpet installation services. Unlike other carpeting contractors, we pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship and customer care and always calculate every single step, from start to finish. When hiring flooring experts, you also want every step explained carefully and patiently, whether you’re getting luxury vinyl plank, hardwood flooring, or berber carpets. Minneapolis MN homeowners will benefit from our expertise and experience, backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

    To help you get started and get the job done, give us a call at 651-227-7387 to chat with our friendly customer service representatives, make a convenient appointment for a free in-home estimate or ask any questions that you may have about other flooring options. Find out why we’re the pros for Minneapolis berber carpets in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, including other services like stretching or repair.