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How to Properly Maintain your Carpet

With warmer weather approaching, many people have spring cleaning on their mind. For those with carpet, vacuuming is an essential part of maintaining the health and longevity of their carpet. While some people have a good grasp on keeping their carpet clean, many homeowners ask this question a lot: how do I actually maintain my carpet? The answer ultimately comes down to many factors. Aiming to vacuum at least once a week is ideal, however, in a busy home, bustling with foot traffic and pets, the amount may need to be several times higher per week. But while vacuuming is crucial, there are other steps you should be making.

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LiveWell From Stainmaster Is Designed To Repel Allergens

Carpet is designed to improve the quality and appearance of your home. Unfortunately for people with allergies or pets, it can also wreak havoc on your personal health. Allergens and dust particles are known to become easily trapped in carpet fibers. If not properly cleaned, these particles build up over time and affect both the lifespan and appearance of your floor, as well as your health. As a result, manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce allergen deposits in carpet. A new line known as Live Well from Stain Master is designed to repel allergens. Although programs like PetProtect have been introduced to protect flooring from stains and outdoor elements, LiveWell is the first carpet that repels allergen buildup without adding to the maintenance of the product. But how does it work? Read More

What Factors Make A Carpet Ideal For Stair Installation?

There is a lot more that goes into choosing a carpet for your home than just the color or texture. In addition to these, carpet must also be durable. This is especially true if you are installing carpet on a staircase. Staircase carpet must endure heavy foot traffic, while at the same time keep up with the overall look of your home. There are also angles to work around as the carpet bends with the stair design. It is therefore especially important that you know what to look for when choosing a carpet for the stairs. Let’s explore what factors make a carpet ideal for stair installation to make your choice a little easier. Read More

How Can You Tell It’s Time To Stretch Your Carpet?

Carpet in your home serves as both a decorative element and an essential home component. Carpet provides color, texture, and depth to your home’s aesthetic appeal. It also gives your house the ‘homey’ touch one expects with a personal living space. Carpet is great for walking around barefoot, lounging around with the dog in front of the television, or for playing Twister with family and friends. Needless to say you need to take care of your carpet if you expect it to last a long time. Vacuuming once or twice a week is a good place to start. You should also consider professional steam cleaning about once or twice a year. But how can you tell if you need to stretch your carpet? Read More

How to Remove Carpet Mold

There are dangers to having excess carpet mold in the home. One of the main dangers of carpet mold is what it can do to your health. You can develop skin rashes and respiratory illnesses that could cause you problems in later years. In addition to this, your home will become inhabitable because of the mold growth. Mold removal is not a problem that you should attempt to do yourself because you could make the damage worse. It might be best to hire a licensed and trained specialist to do it for you. Here are tips on how to prevent carpet mold in the first place. Read More

4 Steps to Preventing Pet Carpet Damage In Your Home

While we love our pets, they can potentially ruin our carpet. Regular carpet cleaning is imperative to keep it looking its best for a long time. When you have a pet additional care and maintenance is needed to ensure its longevity. Whether it is urine or soil in general, there are many ways to thoroughly clean your carpet from pet odors and stains. Try following these 4 steps to preventing pet carpet damage in your home.

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3 Benefits of Plush Carpeting

Creating a home that is both designed well and functions well is very important to any homeowner. There are many benefits to incorporating carpet into your design plan for your living room, den or bedrooms. Here are 3 benefits of plush carpeting you should remember when it comes time to replace your old carpet.

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How to Choose the Right Carpet Color for Your Home

Carpet is one of the most popular choices of flooring due its easy maintenance, comfort, and warmth. Choosing the style and color of your carpet is a big decision. Carpet can completely transform the look and feel of your home and it is a choice that you’ll have to live with for a while. Below are some things to consider when picking out a carpet color. Following these tips will show you how to choose the right carpet color for your home. Read More

3 Tips On How To Effectively Clean Carpet

In Minnesota, we have the craziest weather and it leads to having dirty shoes for most of the year. In the winter we have salt, dirt, sand and snow. In the spring we have mud from the melting snow and during the rest of the year we may have a combination of things. These earthen materials stay on our shoes and are brought into our homes and get into the carpets. That is why maintaining the carpet in our homes is important, especially with the heavy wear and tear from the outside coming in. Deep cleaning and spot cleaning the carpets will help keep your carpets looking as good as can be. Keep reading to learn more tips on how to effectively clean carpet. Read More

Choosing a Winter Carpet That Fits Your Personality

The holiday season is nearing the end. Many households will be thinking of buying something new for the house. Some may even think about renovating their place to get a new look for the new year. In both cases, carpets play a huge role in the winter season. If you think about it, carpets are beautiful pieces of art that have practical use as well as artistic value inside the home. Choosing a winter carpet that fits your personality not only improves the look of your home, but also brings a unique touch to your living space. Read More

Why Should You Hire a Carpet Installation Professional?

Whether your home currently has hardwood flooring or you’re looking to replace your old, dingy carpet, hiring a professional carpet installation professional is the best move that you can make. Sure, you can waste untold hours doing all of the labor yourself, but the reality is that you’re not equipped to handle this job on your own.

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