How to Properly Maintain your Carpet

Home Carpeting How to Properly Maintain your Carpet

With warmer weather approaching, many people have spring cleaning on their mind. For those with carpet, vacuuming is an essential part of maintaining the health and longevity of their carpet. While some people have a good grasp on keeping their carpet clean, many homeowners ask this question a lot: how do I actually maintain my carpet? The answer ultimately comes down to many factors. Aiming to vacuum at least once a week is ideal, however, in a busy home, bustling with foot traffic and pets, the amount may need to be several times higher per week. But while vacuuming is crucial, there are other steps you should be making.

Even the most durable carpet won’t last as long as it should if it isn’t maintained properly. Here are the best tips to keep your carpet clean.

Don’t Wait to Vacuum Carpet Only When It’s Dirty

Waiting to vacuum your carpet until there is a dirty spot is one of the biggest mistakes that homeowners with carpets make. There are small soil particles that buildup on your carpet, which you most likely won’t notice right away. As time goes on, and vacuuming is procrastinated, the soil will embed itself into the fibers of the carpet. Soil is abrasive, so the buildup will damage the carpet. This lessens the age of the carpet, which only means it will need to be replaced sooner than intended.

Improve your Vacuuming Technique

Vacuuming frequently is the best way to maintain the hygiene and durability of your carpet. But did you know most people aren’t vacuuming efficiently? You should be vacuuming slowly, and make sure to repeat the strokes a couple of times. You should also overlap your motions to ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned. Lastly, do not neglect the edges! It can be trickier to vacuum these areas, but there is still plenty of debris trapped there. You should always vacuum at least once a week. For busier houses, including pets, aim to vacuum at least twice a week.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

You might be wondering when you should be getting your carpet professional cleaned. Luckily, it is not as often as vacuuming. Most carpets should be cleaned by professionals at least once every 18 months. In higher traffic households, this might need to happen at least once, possibly twice a year.