Carpet Cleaning Tips for Fall

Home Carpeting Carpet Cleaning Tips for Fall

Summer is officially over, and Fall is in full swing. From the changing colors to the bundles of leaves on the ground, there are many things to look forward to this season. While we may be enjoying our sweater weather and warm, spiced beverages, nobody thinks about changing their cleaning habits for the coming colder months. This is especially true for our carpet. Your carpet is more likely to bring in moisture, dirt, and other debris in the coming months. So changing your cleaning habits will ensure your home is comfortable and cozy for the winter months. Here are some carpet cleaning tips to keep in mind for Fall.

The Perfect Time to Steam Clean

If you have gatherings at your home, you should try and get your carpet cleaned professionally once every 8 months. Summer is one of the busiest seasons for hosting gatherings, so there is a chance that your floors are showing the signs of needing to be cleaned. Fall is the best time to have your carpets cleaned, as they will be ready in time for the holidays.

Be Mindful of Hot Drink Spills

Warm mugs of cocoa and cider are commonly drunk in the colder weather. Because of this, there is a higher chance that a spill or dribble will stain your carpet. If you notice a stain, try and get it cleaned as soon as you can. The first few moments are crucial, as you can virtually prevent a permanent stain in the case that someone spills. Carpet cleaner or a simple vinegar can lessen tough sains.

Don’t Forget to Vacuum

You should be vacuuming up rooms with high foot traffic every week, especially during the Fall. While the pollen counts are much lower, there will still be an influx of debris coming into the house and getting trapped in the carpet.

Make sure to take care of your carpet year-round, as proper maintenance and upkeep are crucial for increasing the longevity of your carpet. Fall is an excellent time to tackle some of the more serious cleanings, especially after the Summer months.