Hardwood Floors and Pets – How to Keep Your Floors Pet Friendly

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When considering hardwood floors and pets, you’ll want to be extra cautious. Although cats don’t typically damage the floors, you should keep their toys off of them, as they may end up scratching the floors while playing. It’s also a good idea to keep rugs in high-accident areas. The main reason you should avoid having bare hardwood floors in these areas is because they are more susceptible to damage. You can protect them by placing a mat in these areas.

Wooden floors and pets aren’t incompatible, but you should be aware that some wood species are more susceptible to scratching and denting. If your pet is particularly active and likes to dig holes in things, consider getting a lighter-colored hardwood floor. If your pet has long, short fur, try a softer color. The darker color will show every scratch and hair. However, if you have a large, active dog, you’ll have to scrub their paws before coming in.

Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your hardwood flooring from pets. Even if your pet isn’t housebroken, they still may be able to scratch wood, so you should keep them isolated from the rest of the home. You can get your pet trained to stay out of high-traffic areas, but a heavier dog might end up urinating on your floors instead. Aside from using a mat in these areas, you can also invest in some extra rugs and a rug. The rugs and mats will help protect your hardwood floors from the damage of your pet’s urine.