Hardwood Maintenance Tips For Winter

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Your hardwood floors will appreciate your extra winter care. Whether the flooring in your home is an antique or a modern addition, hardwood can suffer damage easily when exposed to harsh winter weather. The hardwood flooring experts at [your hardwood company] have put together a list of precautions you can take to protect hardwood floors throughout the winter.

– Clear away snow and ice promptly. If there’s a lot of buildups, use a shovel, ice chopper, or snowblower. Be careful when shoveling not to hit the hardwood with the shovel blade – instead slide the blade beneath hardwood, lifting it off the ground.

– Be careful with salt and other products meant to melt ice – products like products can damage hardwood floors. Research de-icers or other ice-melting items before using them to make sure they won’t damage hardwood flooring.

– Create indoor “snow boots” for hardwood by putting down newspapers or cardboard so that snow and ice don’t track onto the hardwood.

– If hardwood gets wet, dry it as soon as possible – don’t let hardwood sit in water for more than 30 minutes.

– Be sure hardwood is completely dry before setting foot on it.

– Use an anti-static spray cleaner once hardwood is dry to keep hardwood from attracting dust.

– Keep hardwood floors clean by sweeping or vacuuming hardwood regularly. This will help remove any dirt and debris that is brought in by rock salt from outside.