4 Steps to Preventing Pet Carpet Damage In Your Home

Home Carpeting 4 Steps to Preventing Pet Carpet Damage In Your Home

While we love our pets, they can potentially ruin our carpet. Regular carpet cleaning is imperative to keep it looking its best for a long time. When you have a pet additional care and maintenance is needed to ensure its longevity. Whether it is urine or soil in general, there are many ways to thoroughly clean your carpet from pet odors and stains. Try following these 4 steps to preventing pet carpet damage in your home.

4 Steps to Preventing Pet Carpet Damage In Your Home

Determine which areas of the carpet are soiled.

Clean those areas thoroughly. As long as a pet, whether a cat or a dog, can smell their scent, they will return to that area and keep relieving themselves there. By neutralizing the odor, you can re-train them properly to ensure this won’t happen again. Once that area of the carpet is clean, make the accident zone unavailable to your pet.

Soak up as much as of the urine as possible with paper towels.

By removing as much of it as possible from the carpet, it allows for an easier and more thorough cleanup overall. Rinse the area with clean, cool water. After rinsing, remove as much of the water as possible by blotting or even with a wet/dry vacuum.

Pet odor neutralizer is a great option.

Once the area is clean, a carpet stain remover may also help for stains that are already set in the carpet. Avoid using a steam cleaner to clean urine odors from carpet as the heat will permanently set the stain as well as the odor to the fibers of the carpet.

Do not use cleaning chemicals.

Cleaning chemicals such as those that contain vinegar or ammonia will cover the odor but not remove it. Your pet will just end up finding the area another time. Keeping your carpet from 651 Carpets clean is important for the most fresh and clean home possible.