Choosing a Winter Carpet That Fits Your Personality

Home Carpeting Choosing a Winter Carpet That Fits Your Personality

The holiday season is nearing the end. Many households will be thinking of buying something new for the house. Some may even think about renovating their place to get a new look for the new year. In both cases, carpets play a huge role in the winter season. If you think about it, carpets are beautiful pieces of art that have practical use as well as artistic value inside the home. Choosing a winter carpet that fits your personality not only improves the look of your home, but also brings a unique touch to your living space.

Choosing A Winter Carpet That Fits Your Personality

If you are planning to buy a carpet, there are some very realistic decisions to be made before finalizing your decision on a piece. There are many varieties of carpet on the market. Carpets come from different countries like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, India, Pakistan and the Middle East. Each country has a different feature that makes the carpet unique and priceless. If you are planning on buying a carpet to display, go for the expensive kind as these types of carpets are custom-made, hand-woven and durable. They become priceless as time passes and are worth the investment.

What popular types of carpet are available on the market?

A traditional hand-woven Persian carpet can last for centuries when it is taken care of properly. However, if the carpet is meant for daily use, then we have many choices at hand and the market offers a wide range of carpets that can fit into any kind of budget. Let us take a look at what you should know before choosing a carpet.

Carpets from many countries can be found in the market and to conform to the needs of today’s lifestyle, small changes are consistently being made in the end product. Today the traditional carpets are used as decorative pieces and placed in the center of the room to add to its ambience. These carpets come in bright colors, are water resistant and have a higher density of wool. However, their method of weaving varies from country to country.

Traditional carpets from Asian countries are strong and durable as they are hand woven and have denser knots per square foot. Different woven styles exist such as those found in Aximinster carpets and Wilton carpets. There are also tufted carpets where loops are cut and uncut. Though cheaper than hand-woven carpets, these carpets are tough and are backed up with foam or fabric that provides extra strength. Then there are carpets that are bonded using pile fiber to a foam or fabric backing. These come in limited colors.

There are also carpets that are called squares or carpet tiles. These are single and often small pieces of carpet that can be arranged in multiple ways. The pieces of carpet are edged and backed with PVC or rubber. They can be used for rough use in heavy traffic areas of the building as well. These are affordably-priced and come in many different colors and patterns, which makes choosing a winter carpet that fits your personality even easier!

What type of carpet is best for your house?

When it is time to choose a type of carpet that would best fit your house, you must look for a carpet that will be perfect in terms of color, décor and density. People that have pets usually go for stain resistant and water resistant carpets because their carpets are most likely to bear the brunt of their pets’ mischief. Any household that has children playing around would normally choose a neutral shade colored carpet because children tend to soil the carpet every now and then with water spillage and food crumbs. High-density carpet should be chosen for areas where children spend a lot of time on the floor, such as their play area. The carpet will protect their hands and knees from getting scraped on the hard floor.

There is a wide range of choices in carpet colors and designs available online. Online shops are the best way to shop for carpets without having to spend time driving through the snow from store to store. However, always make sure to check the carpet out physically before buying it. Be careful, however. Often people order carpets online without picking the right size and appearance.

What colors options in a carpet will fit your tastes?

Often carpet pieces are used as centerpieces and the color will stand in contrast to the colors of the walls. However, there are a few things that people can check before finalizing on the color. A carpet meant for areas that experience heavy foot traffic like the stairway or kitchen will be worn out as time passes. That is why it is important to make sure that the color is not too bright. A faded carpet can make even a bright room appear dull. It is better to choose neutral shades in color.

If the carpet is placed in the center of the room, it should definitely be bright colored, provided it does not dominate the room. A beautiful carpet piece usually compliments the room’s décor. If the carpet is in a room where guests are entertained, then the carpet should be artistic and reflect any tradition or history of the country it comes from. This lends to the richness of its presence.

If the carpet tiles are meant for daily use – such as in the bathroom or bedroom – then the colors should be less bright and mellow. Traditional carpets use primary colors and are usually display a story or tradition woven on it. Modern carpets have multiple color shades, modern patterns, designs, and are durable and washable.

So what is the best carpet for winter?

Most carpets are woven to provide warmth for the feet and for people sitting on it. It is a great option as a crafts piece if you have a fireplace at home because carpets tend to absorb the heat and make it very cozy for any person sitting or standing on it.

Traditional carpets are very popular carpets for winter because they have proven their worth for centuries. However, if you need a nice carpet that will keep you and your family warm, go for the high-density carpet made of a combination of wool and fabric. If chosen correctly, carpets can last decades while providing warmth and protection to you and your family. Remember to keep this in mind when choosing a winter carpet that fits your personality and you’ll be sure to find a good match!