Eco Friendly Floor Replacement That Won’t Exhaust Your Budget

Home Flooring Eco Friendly Floor Replacement That Won’t Exhaust Your Budget

Are you thinking about replacing your home floors this summer? Do you want a new kitchen or bathroom tile floor? Did your pet damage your carpet to the point that it needs replacing? Having to replace your home floor can be stressful and expensive. There are dozens of flooring styles and patterns to choose from, in addition to the material you want for your home. Carpet and hardwood are the most popular floor plans available. Many people are also concerned with being eco-friendly. So how do you know what material is the most affordable and eco-friendly? Eco friendly floor replacement is a high priority for consumers. There are a number of floor materials available for an eco friendly home. Furthermore, 651Carpets will take care of all the installation. Read on to discover the most eco-friendly floor plans for your budget.

Affordable Eco Friendly Floor Replacement

Eco-Friendly Carpet

You must be careful when purchasing carpet for your home. Many carpets are produced using petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource. Fibers in the material traps dust and allergens, and as a result can cause health problems for you and your family. Wool, seagrass, coir, jute, or sisal are better eco-friendly carpet materials for your home. Carpet costs an average of $3-$13 per square foot.

Eco-Friendly Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is a natural floor product, and is therefore easily renewed and recycled. Hardwood is biodegradable. It can be used as fuel or as part of new floor projects at the end of its lifecycle. The Forest Stewardship Council issues certifications to natural hardwood floor products. Hence, be sure to check for this certification before investing in a particular brand or product. Hardwood costs between $3-$12 per square foot.

Recycled Hardwood

Recycled hardwood is wood that comes from another flooring project. It contains recycled materials that are very expensive when purchased new. Consequently, many rare materials are obtained through recycling hardwood. These materials cut down on waste and help lower deforestation. Make sure that you do not buy a product treated after recycling.

Summer is perfect for eco friendly floor replacement.Natural stone, metal, cork, bamboo, and linoleum are popular eco-friendly materials. These products are more expensive than hardwood or carpet, yet offer long term durability and comfort. Bamboo and linoleum cost an average of $2-$5 per square foot. Cork floors cost between $1.5-$4 per square foot. Ask us about replacing your floor this summer. Eco friendly floor replacement is our speciality. Visit us today, or call at 651-227-7387.