15 Fun Random Facts About Flooring To Keep In Mind

Home Flooring 15 Fun Random Facts About Flooring To Keep In Mind

Floors have obviously been around forever…from dirt floors to the fancy, luxurious flooring options that we have today. Believe it or not, there is a rich history that can be learned about flooring and how it has progressed over the centuries. This post features 15 fun random facts about flooring to keep in mind for your floor. Warning: some facts may be more mind-boggling than you thought floor facts could be!

15 Fun Random Facts About Flooring to Keep in Mind

  1. A person can shed around 1.5 million flakes of skin every hour, most of which ends up on the floor or in the carpets.
  2. If un-vacuumed, carpet can gain several pounds of dirt throughout a year.
  3. The figure of speech phrase “to sweep under the carpet” was first noted in 1963.
  4. Sprinkling salt on the carpet is an effective way to get rid of mud prints. Keep it on for an hour and then vacuum it up.
  5. The vacuum was invented after the street sweeping machine.
  6. In the 20th century, vacuums required 3 people to use them and ran by the use of coal.
  7. In order to remove wax from a carpet, place a paper bag over the area and use a hot iron to melt it. Then it will stick onto the brown paper bag.
  8. The reference of the “red carpet” was first made in 458 B.C. by Aeschylus. It is still used today for mark formal walkways for leaders at important events.
  9. Club soda is still a great way to remove new stains on your carpet. Pour some on the soiled spot and then sponge it right up.
  10. A rug and a carpet are basically the same thing. The differentiating factor is the size. A rug is any piece of carpet that is less than 40 square feet.
  11. In lieu of fact 10, the flying carpet from Aladdin is actually a rug.
  12. Homes with wood floors tend to sell faster and for a higher cost. So it tends to work out as a good investment for homeowners.
  13. Bathroom floors tend to be one of the most germ-filled places in any home.
  14. In the 1500s, people would use straw on their dirt floors in order to keep their footing. It would be similar to our use of carpet.
  15. Using an outdoor rug on the outside of your entrance can really prevent a lot of dirt from making its way into the house.

Out of these 15 short little facts, there was sure to be a few little nuggets that caught your attention and you learned something new about flooring. There are so many other resources out there to address your questions about the best flooring options for your home and budget, history of floors in ancient day, or how to get the best return of investment when re-flooring your home.

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