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Affordable Carpet Installation & Sales Services

We offer quality installation services throughout the Twin Cities. Residents seeking carpet – whether it is plush, frieze, berber, pattern, or loop – or carpet installation services in Minneapolis / St. Paul will be pleasantly surprised by the vast array of residential and commercial options from Mohawk & Shaw that 651 Carpets carries.

Our selections span a multitude of colors and styles to meet any flooring decor needs, from traditional carpeting for commercial or home use to the most discerning of tastes, 651 can provide design, sales and installation expertise to assist you each step of the way. We now sell wholesale carpeting as well!

When it comes to installing floors, applying the proper methods make all the difference. Some companies believe that they are taking shortcuts when it comes to installing carpet. What they are really doing, however, is practicing improper placement techniques that will leave you with hefty repair costs down the line.

You can trust the true Minneapolis / St. Paul experts at 651 Carpets to take extra precautions when working on your home or office. We take every safety measure and will make sure that your carpet is soft, secure and properly placed. We will get the job done right the first time and ensure that you do not need to spend unnecessary repair costs in the future.

The Benefits Of New Carpet Installation

There are numerous benefits of installing carpet in your home that are routinely overlooked by homeowners. Carpet is a tried and true option in homes all across the United States. While it may not be as trendy as it used to be, it’s still a very viable option for the home. Take a look at these items to decide if carpet is right for your home and get in touch with us to go over a wide variety of options that will look phenomenal.

Noise most likely isn’t the first thing homeowners consider when deciding what kind of flooring they want, but carpet is excellent for absorbing all kinds of noise pollution into your home. This is particularly useful for homes that have a raised foundation or are multiple stories.

Anyone who’s had carpet in their home knows how good they are at retaining warmth, which is extremely helpful during the winter months. Carpets have a low heat conduction and act as an insulator, helping to retain the warm weather when it gets cold outside.

We’re all susceptible to the occasional fall or injury, which often can happen in the home. Having carpet in your home provides a non-slip surface which is a better option for older residents in your home or young children.

We all know dust can be problematic in the home. When you have hardwood floors, dust tends to settle and get kicked back up into the air. The benefit of carpet is that it traps dust and other contaminants in it’s fibers and can be taken care of by vacuuming. Also, because the dust is trapped by carpet fibers, it isn’t being circulated in your home’s HVAC system and allows for better air quality in the home.

You need a carpet installation specialist in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Illinois that will complete the job quickly, efficiently, and within your budget. A carpet installation project can end up becoming a huge headache if you do not choose an experienced professional who will perform the job exactly to your specifications. At 651 Carpets, we pride ourselves on providing stellar customer service on every project. Browse our catalog and find your perfect match. Then schedule a consultation so we can get started on your new carpet project, you will be floored by what we have to offer!

Our flooring specialists make sales and installation easy. Our professionals will always work within your schedule and time frame and meet with you at your home or business for your convenience.