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Carpet stretching involves tightening the carpet by pulling and attaching it to the subflooring tacks on the outside of the room. Usually, when carpet is first installed, it will be tightly secured to the perimeter of the room, but there are a few reasons that carpet may need to be stretched.

When is carpet stretching necessary?

In some cases, you may be able to see that your carpet needs stretching. If your carpet appears wrinkled or has a visible hump, the carpet will need stretching. If the carpet is coming up from the floor at the edges of the room, it needs stretching. Other signs that stretching is needed will only be visible to a professional. This is why it is important to call a carpet repair service as soon as you suspect that your carpet may need stretching.

Why must a carpet be served quickly?

If you have a new carpet and feel like it may need stretching, do not wait. Any uneven areas of the carpet surface may become a tripping hazard. Secondly, if a carpet is rippled, it can start to wear unevenly, which will decrease its overall lifespan. The sooner it can be serviced and stretched, the better for the long term health of your carpet. If you happen to have older carpet that is showing similar signs of wear, it may be easier to have it replaced. We will be able to tell you if it is worth stretching it back into place or removing it entirely.

How does carpet stretching work?

The process of stretching carpet varies depending on the type of wear involved. We will be able to ascertain what methods will be most effective for increasing the life of your carpet. Re-seaming a carpet may be the only necessary service if it is wearing around the edges, but if the surface is uneven, stronger tools could be involved.

Why contact 651 Carpets?

Based on the description above, it may seem like it is possible for you to stretch carpet on your own. However, carpet stretching is a difficult task that requires experience, strength and the proper tools for the job. You will most likely need to rent the specialized tools involved in carpet stretching. They are not commonly found in the tool shed. You may also end up paying more in the end if your attempts are unsuccessful. Our carpet professionals will have to repair any damage you may have caused before they begin the stretching process.

Few homeowners consider carpet stretching as a necessary service when they choose to carpet their floors, but it is important to be aware of carpet stretching and its value should you need it. Hiring a Minneapolis – St. Paul carpet professional at 651 Carpets to stretch damaged carpet will keep your home safe and extend the life of your carpet.

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