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Characteristics of Mohawk Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors yield an impressive array of characteristics to meet any preference and are designed to complement the look of any home or business, while adhering to your projected budget.

Mohawk’s patented GenuEdge Technology flawlessly duplicates the patterns found in hardwood, stone, slate and ceramic flooring. This incredible technology results in flooring that captures the detailed realism of other types of floors, while providing an extremely easily maintained surface. The dirt, grime and dust that typically gets caught in the grooves and grout of traditional flooring is simply wiped away with no additional scrubbing or cleaning tools needed. You will be amazed at the simplicity of care that laminate flooring offers.

Mohawk ScratchGuard Advanced Finished Protection also compliments the ease of maintaining your laminate floor by infusing aluminum crystals into the top layer of its flooring. This makes it resistive to the abrasions and blemishes that occur as the result of an active household. The result of this protective barrier is that you will have shiny and bright floors that maintain their color, hue and texture for decades. Mohawk’s ScratchGuard is the perfect flooring solution for even the most hectic of homes and offices as it shields your flooring from the tiniest micro-scratches.