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Loose-Lay Carpet Installation

Carpet that is placed using the loose-lay carpet installation method – also known as cut-to-fit installation – acts as a rug more than as a carpet. This is a great method if you need temporary carpet. For instance, if you are living somewhere for a short time or you are temporarily renting an office, loose laid carpet is a great option.

The carpet is cut to fit perfectly within the room but it is not connected to the floor. That is why, as we mentioned above, it acts more like a professionally placed rug than a carpet. If it is cut correctly, however, carpet placed using this process can appear like it is attached to the floor.

Another benefit of using loose-lay carpet installation is that the carpet can very easily be removed. You can even remove it when it needs to be cleaned.

One of the most popular ways that home and business owners use loose-lay carpet installation is by placing it on a porch, deck or within a home addition.

If you are a Twin Cities homeowner or business owner and you are interested in loose-lay carpet installation, please contact our friendly flooring experts at 651-227-7387. We look forward to hearing from you!

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