Top Monthly Exercises to Keep Your Laminate Floors Clean
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Top Monthly Exercises to Keep Your Laminate Floors Clean

Keeping laminate floorings clean is one of the easiest things when it comes to cleaning hardwood floorings. Yet, they have their own unique disadvantages and issues that may take your entire day for dealing only with spots, dry stripes, hidden dirt and more. The best way to forget about the difficult things is to keep the laminate floorings clean in your entire house. The activities that should take place every month are the most important ones. Take a look at these top monthly exercises to keep your laminate floors clean.

Top Monthly Exercises to Keep Your Laminate Floors Clean


There is no doubt – the vacuum cleaner is the best choice for getting rid of the loose particles and dirt from laminate floorings. You should do this on a weekly basis or even more frequently, and the big monthly cleaning is not an exception. Start with a new bag for the vacuum cleaner if your entire house is equipped with laminate floorings. Reduce the suction power and switch on the brushed head of your vacuum cleaner prior to cleaning the laminate floorings. Also, remove as much of the objects on the floor as possible, which will facilitate the following activities. Another great opt is to use a special brushed nozzle for the vacuum cleaner, which will help get along the narrow spaces around the edges of the floor, where is hidden most of the loose dirt like hair, grit, crumbs and dust. The longer the fibers of the brushed head, the easier to get through the narrower spaces, but usually this is the only way to clean these invisible areas.

Inspect the floorings for dry spots, greasy spots and other heavy blemishes.

A great idea is to do it along with the pre-vacuuming. Check out the condition of the laminate floorings and note where are located the heaviest spots, which will require further cleaning. These are usually spots from dried spots, which appear darker due to the dissolved dust from the air. Yet there might be a variety of other spots such as from coffee or tea spills, from BBQ sauce, drinks, etc. If you do the big house cleaning once a month – there is a real chance that your laminate floorings are dotted by dry spots at the end of the month. Get yourself a small bowl with hot water and with a small amount of vinegar, dish detergent and baking soda. Stir well until everything dissolves into a foam-like paste. Apply the homemade solution with a clean cloth right onto each individual spot, but make sure that the cloth is barely wet.

It is essential to use as less water as possible when cleaning laminate floors. Usually, the spots will disappear with the slightest touch of the cloth or after a couple of seconds of gentle rubbing. Another great tip is to rub along the strains of the wooden texture, which will make the exercise even easier. Use an all-purpose commercial detergent or a professional one for truly persistent dry spots from kitchen grease, and make sure to leave the surfaces dry, and never let the detergent solution to soak up in the laminate floorings!

A final mopping of the entire floor is the next essential step.

Mopping is one of the most important of our top monthly exercises to keep your laminate floors clean. It will help get rid of the finest dust particles, as well as make the floorings to look like new. Pour some sanitizing agent in the bucket with water for heavy soiled laminate floorings or especially if you have pets at home. Mopping with a sanitizing agent with eliminate all the bacteria and pollens, which are invisible, as well as provide a more visually pleasant look of the cleaned floors.

Final Polishing

Final polishing with a dry mop is all that you need to get rid of the dry stripes and to ensure the perfect polishing finish of the laminate floorings. If you follow these top monthly exercises to keep your laminate floors clean, you can rest assured your floors will keep their integrity and shine for years to come!

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