How to Choose Carpets for Interior Design Purposes
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How to Choose Carpets for Interior Design Purposes

Homes today have a lot of choices when it comes to carpets and other interior design solutions. The following examples will give you some ideas on how to choose carpets for interior design purposes.

How To Choose Carpets for Interior Design Purposes

Choose a rug with an appropriate size.

Skimping on the size of the rug will make the room look smaller as well. You need to make sure your rug will set boundaries and it will help ground the furniture. For your living room this means you will help to define the conversation area that way, making it large enough so that your furniture front legs are what steps on it. Although smaller rugs will be easier to handle during your house cleaning sessions, they simply don’t have the same aesthetic strength as their bigger variety. When it comes to the bedroom you will need to be able to feel the rug when you get out of bed each time, so at least two feet worth of carpeting on each side of your bed.

Be sure to add layers.

There is an obvious connection between rug size and price, which often makes people choose them. You can instead buy a jute rug with a neutral color, which makes carpet cleaning a breeze even if you have kids and pet. It also means it will fit into almost any room, not to mention you can place a patterned rug on top of it. There is another good trick you can use to fill up any empty place around your home for less money than it would take you otherwise. A custom made rug may actually make for a better solution. The rug edges should be about 12 inches or so from the perimeter of the room, so if you have a long and narrow room you should look for two rugs you can lay side to side for extra connection. You can also use a carpet tape to stick them together safely.

Leave your wall to wall carpeting bare.

If you want to layer an area with a rug over carpet, this should add a way to pull the room together with the boundaries.

Choose the rug last.

If you plan on decorating your room right from scratch, then you should focus on choosing the rug first. This is a big impactful piece that will really help tie the room together. Once you have finally placed the last piece of decoration, you could be searching for a long time before you move on to find a really good rug as well.

Making use of patterning. With the right patterns your home can either look boring or it can look absolutely amazing. It will take some vision but you can make it work quite well if you have the time and resources to make it happen. With the right patterns and colors you will have a great aesthetic that is also easier on home cleaning efforts. Lighter colors combined with darker furniture may be a good solution, but you may think about the other way around since it will be easier on you for carpet cleaning purposes.

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