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Minnesota Vinyl Floor Repair Service

Is your vinyl floor damaged? You have come to the right place! 651 Carpets offers premium vinyl floor repair services in Minneapolis – St. Paul. Why choose us?

✓ Quality workmanship
✓ Competitive pricing
✓ Fast, reliable & friendly service

At 651 Carpets, we offer vinyl floor repair services for residential and commercial structures. Our flooring professionals take the time to properly lay down your vinyl flooring because we believe that, along with regular maintenance, it is the key to ensuring your floor’s long lifespan.

Common Vinyl Flooring Problems

  • Formation of bubbles. We can fix essentially any vinyl flooring problem that you are facing. Re-trimming is a simple solution for bubbles that arise in vinyl from either wear and tear or because of extreme temperatures.
  • Cracking / buckling. Because vinyl is not glued down to the underlaying floor, buckling is a more frequent problem because the material is held in place by the walls. Floors that are unbalanced put too much pressure on the vinyl. This can cause it to crack or buckle. Our experts can fix either problem by gluing down the vinyl or leveling your floor.
  • Additional damage. If your old or new vinyl floor is suddenly scratched, burned, torn, or cut, especially right after installation, call us right away. Our experts can repair any vinyl floor damage imaginable.

651 Carpets utilizes a variety of techniques for vinyl floor repair. Do not wait! Call us today at 651-227-7387. The faster you call the faster our vinyl floor repair experts will return your floor to its original appearance. You do not need to accept the cost, hassle and anxiety of replacing your shabby or damaged vinyl floors when our experienced professionals can repair them using state-of-the-art equipment. Do not attempt to fix the problem alone! We are here to help.