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What Health Issues Result From Unclean Air Ducts?

Air quality in the home is one of those invisible things that we do not necessarily think about or notice, but can have a big impact on our health and well-being. Your HVAC system plays a big part on the overall air quality of your home, and if it is not properly cleaned it can lead to health issues, respiratory problems, and even difficulty with running the system. It is said that the air ducts of a regular home can collect almost forty pounds of debris over a year. All of that dust and grime could get circulated into your home.

Health Issues

There are a number of health conditions that come with poor air quality. Asthma can be irritated by particles floating around in the air, for instance. You can have irritation in the eyes, migraines, and skin conditions as well. Mold can quite easily build up in air ducts since there is so much moisture. It can be very dangerous and lead to serious respiratory problems. Allergies can flare up as well from things like dust and pet dander.

Mechanical Issues

Dust and dirt will always look for a place to settle. That means it will land on your furniture and floor, of course, but it could end up inside the HVAC system. Dust has a way of piling up and coating the coil. The coil is what exchanges the refrigerant. If it gets too dusty it will not be able to cool anymore, and the whole system is stressed. If the blower gets strained, then it can fail. Not only that, but a stressed system uses up more energy with worse results.

How It Gets Clean

A duct cleaning professional has special tools they can use to get your ducts as clean as possible. They use an extremely powerful vacuum, along with a scrubbing tool that will loosen dirt and debris from the walls of your ducts. As the dirt gets loosened, it releases and is sucked up into the vacuum. The vacuum is sealed to an opening of your system, so that dust and dirt do not end up back in your home.

After the first cleaning, your air duct professional can discuss with you cleaning a schedule they would recommend. After that, the air quality, and the quality of life for your family and friends, will be just right.

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