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Minnesota Air Duct Cleaning Service

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is the process of removing build-up of dust and other debris from your home’s ventilation system. Having clean air ducts helps improve airflow within the home and prevents your family from being exposed to poor air quality and a larger amount of common household allergens.


The Duct System is where oxygen moves which then get circumvented throughout your home. In order to reach the furnace, the air moves through filters to be heated or cooled as it passes through to your living space. Over time, particles such as pet dander, dust, and other allergens all build up in your air ducts, which directly impacts the air quality of your home. This requires periodical cleaning to improve air quality of your home, which ultimately makes your home more livable and even saves you money on healing and cooling costs.


When your ducts are cleared of any blockage, it’s far easier for air to flow through, which increases the efficiency of your air system by flowing more freely and more quickly to each room of your house. Regular cleaning from the experienced professionals at 651 Carpets will keep your systems running smoothly, and result in a healthier, happier home.


  • $20 per vent
  • $5 per vent removal
  • $49 per dryer vent cleaning

Customers must have a minimum 8 ducts for cleaning in order to receive this service from 651 Carpets.

PROMOTION: For a limited time, 651 Carpets is providing FREE duct cleaning for customers who spend $1500 or more on carpet or flooring installation.

  • Granite installations are excluded from this promotion
  • Carpet/Flooring installs must be applied to 3 or more rooms
  • Each vent cleaned beyond the minimum 8 vents will be charged at $25 a vent
  • Offer valid from 5/22 to 5/28/17
  • Not valid with with any other offers

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