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The Granite Installation Process

After you have chosen the perfect granite, our expert installers will put it in for you. Granite is a very workable material, and can easily be cut to fit around appliances and sinks, or create edging or a backsplash. Once we’ve cut the slab to perfectly fit your room, we provide the best installation to ensure the durability and longevity of your counter, and give you peace of mind.

Granite countertop installation can go wrong in several ways. When improper handling, inaccurate measurement and poor installation techniques are made, it can create quite a hassle. The professionals at 651 Carpets are trained to avoid these common errors.

Measurement is a vital factor when ordering and installing granite countertops. When you fail to measure appropriately, your installation may go wrong.

Granite countertops are obtainable in several colors and designs and will usually meet a homeowner’s taste requirements. A homeowner can hand pick the required countertops based on color and design. At the time of installation, necessary care should be given to the granite. When granite countertops are carried into the home for installation, the professionals at 651 Carpets transport the rock with extreme care.

In the end, the successful installation of granite involves expert home remodeling techniques designed to make the process accurate. At 651 Carpets, we possess the necessary skills to make sure your granite countertop installation process goes smoothly.