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Minnesota Residential Carpeting Service

Your home is your sanctuary. After you have spent all day working, nothing beats a comfortable place to sit back and rest. If you have second-rate carpet, however, the luxurious appeal of your home will be significantly diminished.

651 Carpets specializes in home carpet sales, design, repair, and installation. If you are not pleased with the quality of our residential work, we will refund your money or promptly fix any issues your carpet has. In the end, the carpeting work we perform on your home will make the interior much more relaxing.

We understand the significance of having dependable, loyal and effective home improvement professionals work on your house. Our clients can tell you that we offer the most friendly, affordable and efficient services in the Twin Cities.

Once we examine your home’s interior, we can tell you exactly what work needs to be done to ensure that your carpet remains in perfect shape. We will also recommend the best possible carpet and-or rugs to support your home’s interior design.

When you need economical and quality residential carpeting services, give the certified team members at 651 Carpets a phone call today at 651-227-7387. We would love to hear from you.