Why Granite Countertops Are Here To Stay




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Why Granite Countertops Are Here to Stay

There are plenty of good reasons why granite countertops are here to stay. They initially may be more expensive than your traditional countertop, but since they are essentially a big, beautiful, polished rock-they won’t be seeing any wear and tear in your lifetime. There are so many advantages of having granite countertops that they wouldn’t all fit into just one post. So keep your eye out for part two to read even more benefits to having granite in your kitchen.

Why Granite Countertops Are Here to Stay

It is a “one time” purchase.

As mentioned, this is a large rock that you are using in your kitchen. Not only is granite a rock, but it is not in the category of soft rocks. Since it is so hard, it is difficult to damage or alter it in any way. If taken care of, it should last for you as long as you are in your home. It will stay in mint condition. Not only that, but it really is a timeless investment. The use of granite countertops is not just a trend, but a strategic way to utilize both style and function, one of the better reasons why granite countertops are here to stay.

The benefits of granite:

It is custom to you.

Just because granite is tough, doesn’t mean that it can’t be shaped into a custom design for your kitchen. You can have curves and arches, ovals, squares, special edging, and every angle. It is all up to you, your kitchen’s design, and your imagination-but it can be done with granite countertops.

It is easy to clean.

There’s nothing better than a clean kitchen and a granite countertop makes it easy. Not only are they easy to clean, but they are clean in and of themselves. Granite is not a porous rock, so it doesn’t trap bacteria or dirt in your counter. Once you wipe it with a cloth, it is clean.

It is resistant to heat.

Setting your hot dishes and pans directly on the countertop surface will cause no harm to granite. Due to its heat resistance, there is no fear of burn or scorch marks.

It is resistant to scratches.

Having the ability to cut directly on your countertop, without the use of the cutting board, is a great luxury. No more worrying about the cutting board slipping and sliding on the counter while you are chopping vegetables. The granite countertop prevents you from the safety issues that can come from slippery cutting boards and knives. The reason that you can cut right on the granite surface is because it is scratch resistant. Since it is such a hard rock, the only things harder would be diamonds or quartz. Unless your knives are made of either of those two elements, then you should be just fine to cut directly on the countertop.

As you can see, these are some fantastic reasons why granite countertops are here to stay. Stay tuned for part two to read about more benefits of having granite in your kitchen.

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