A Guide To Granite Countertop Cleaning




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A Guide To Granite Countertop Cleaning

Granite is a durable stone that is formed overtime in the Earth’s crust from volcanic magma. It is a popular material for both building construction and interior design. Granite has a wide range of colors. It is commonly used as a countertop or floor tile material in kitchens and bathrooms. It greatly increases the value of your home. Because it has such a wide range of color, it can be used to match any home decor style you wish. It is very durable and able to resist heat. This makes it great for kitchen counters that have to endure hot baking sheets and warm ovens. Just like any other material, it is important to keep your granite surfaces clean and well maintained. Read on to discover some tips on proper granite countertop cleaning.

Granite Countertop Cleaning

Most people assume keeping granite clean involves very little effort. This is a common misconception. It requires regular cleaning in order to keep it looking great. It can stain, and so you must clean the stains right away. You must also seal it occasionally in order to maintain its appearance and quality.

General Cleaning

Use a Microfiber

Use a microfiber cloth on the surface of your countertop. Apply a dry cloth to the surface to dust it. This is generally enough to keep granite clean without spills or additional messes.

Use Water on Spills

Wipe out stains or spills using just water. If you feel spills happen all the time, wipe the counter down once a week with a wet or damp cloth. You can also use a stone cleaner with a neutral pH. Never use chemical or abrasive cleaners. For hard stains, mix a cup of baking soda or flour with 5 tablespoons of dish soap and add water in a poultice and let it sit overnight. Clean the counter with a wet cloth when you remove it in the morning.

Seal Your Countertop

Check your granite countertop at least once a year to determine if you need to seal it. Sealing is a regular seasonal maintenance practice for granite. To find out if you need to seal your counter, splash some water on the surface. Check to see if the water stands in a bead-like form, or runs freely over the counter. If it flows freely, you will need to reseal it.

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