Granite Countertops Are Here to Stay Part Two




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Granite Countertops Are Here to Stay: Part Two

In our ongoing series, Granite Countertops Are Here to Stay Part Two, we continue to look at the benefits of having granite countertops in your kitchen. Here are a few more reasons that may really tip the scale for you if you are trying to decide what type of countertop to purchase.

Granite Countertops Are Here to Stay Part Two

There are budget-friendly options.

As granite countertops are known to be expensive, there is now a more budget-friendly option available. Usually the granite is 1¼ inch thick, but there are some less thick granite options that can make it more affordable. These would be about ¼ inch thick and would be mounted onto a supporting board, such as fiberglass. This is a great option if you love granite countertops but don’t quite have the means to afford it.

The benefits of granite:

They are weather resistant.

If you are thinking about adding a kitchen area or a bar to your outdoor patio, a granite countertop is your best bet for quality and long-lasting use. Since granite is so tough, it can stand up to the elements of the outdoors without being tarnished or damaged.

It is easy to clean.

There’s nothing better than a clean kitchen and a granite countertop makes it easy. Not only are they easy to clean, but they are clean in and of themselves. Granite is not a porous rock, so it doesn’t trap bacteria or dirt in your counter. Once you wipe it with a cloth, it is clean.

There is an option for heat.

Since it is a rock, granite is cool to the touch. As an added luxury for your countertop, you can have it heated. Just as homeowners now have heated floors, you can also have heated countertops. This is a nice bonus for people who love everything about granite, but don’t like the cold touch of it.

Every piece is unique.

Did you know that there are no two pieces of identical granite? Well, it is true. Each piece is unique with varying designs inlaid in the rock naturally. Some have speckles or swirls and some have more vein-like types of patterns. Just as the colors of granite countertops can vary, so can the design. This means that with granite, no two kitchens will ever be identical.

It adds value to your home.

Because granite is such a high quality material, it will add value to the resale of your home. It may be expensive to install, but you can count on the return of investment if you ever move to a different home. This should give you some peace of mind when remodeling your kitchen, even if you don’t plan to live in your house the rest of your life.

Considering these benefits of granite countertops, it’s easy to see that there are so many positives to adding them to your kitchen. They are completely customizable to your unique kitchen shape, plus you get the added bonus that no one else will have the same granite countertop as you. With granite being so durable and strong, you don’t have to worry about scratches, hot pans, or even the weather if you have an outdoor bar. Granite is easy to clean because of its sleek surface. Finally, it can be a one-time purchase that ultimately adds great value to your home. Thanks for joining us for Granite Countertops Are Here to Stay Part Two, and enjoy your new countertops!

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