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Why Granite Should Be The Choice For Your Countertops

Currently, granite is at the very top of the popularity charts when it comes to counter tops. It has been up at the top for years, and shows no signs of slowing down. Every year there are new styles and options that convince more people to choose it. If you are wondering whether you should get granite countertops, here are some reasons that might make your choice a little easier.


Granite is a rock, which means it is very hard. When it comes to natural materials, the only thing harder is diamond. Once you have had it installed, there will never be a need for another countertop, unless you want something new. It is highly resistant to chips, scratches, and general damage that comes with day-to-day use. It also happens to be heat-resistant in case you put a hot pot down on it by accident.

Easy To Maintain

As long as the installer properly sealed your countertops, then maintaining granite is a breeze. It will resist bacteria and stains. Cleaning is also very simple. All you need is some soap and water, or a cleaner that has been produced specifically for granite. As long as you clean up spills relatively quickly, then you will live a stain-free existence for as long as you have your countertop

Increases The Value Of Your Home

Getting value out of your home should be a priority for any homeowner. Granite will add value to your home because of how durable and great-looking it is. Even a home buyer has to choose between your home and another, those granite countertops may be what breaks the tie.

They’re Beautiful

Beauty is often the main priority of any homeowner. Granite comes with some stunning color and design options that will look amazing in your home. It provides a natural, yet modern look, with all of the functionality we have already been talking about.

Granite countertops are perfect for both the kitchen and bathroom, so they are versatile. With their durability, you may never have to replace granite, while your friend may have to replace or repair their vinyl counters every few years. There is no doubt that granite can be the perfect choice for your kitchen or bathroom.

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