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Carpet Installation Mistakes to Avoid

4 Major Carpet Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Installing carpet in your home is easier said than done. For good carpet installation, there needs to be precise measuring, the right equipment and the proper techniques. Without all of these things, you get goofy looking carpet and you will end up wishing you had hired someone in the first place. Here are some of the main issues that come up when trying to install carpet yourself instead of hiring professional carpet installers.

Measuring Incorrectly.

Many people who try to install their own carpet do not take into account the shape of the room being carpeted. Since all floors are different sizes and shapes, it’s likely that you won’t need a perfect square or rectangle when purchasing your carpet. Measuring the floor layout of the room can minimize the headache of having the wrong size carpet.

Lacking the Proper Equipment.

The funny thing about wanting to do projects yourself, like installing carpet, is that you need to have the proper tools to do so. Having the proper equipment can actually be a pretty significant cost. Even if you are willing to buy the equipment, you might not get the appropriate size tools for the job. Using the wrong size trowel for laying down the carpet adhesive can make your installation of your carpet much more difficult.

Improperly Laying Down Glue.

Trying to finish the process of laying down the carpet in a hurry may lead to applying the glue too early. This can lead to bumps in the carpet and a bigger pain to deal with later.

Not Fitting the Carpet.

In addition to trying to finish the job quickly, DIY carpet lying has a very high risk of being improperly cut. Even being just a few centimeters off can result in lumps, exposed flooring and fraying seams.

The solution to avoiding all of these mistakes is to be sure to hire someone who actually knows how to do proper carpet installation. 651 Carpets not only has a large selection of quality carpets, but they also have professional installers for all of their flooring. Avoid all of the headaches of trying to learn how to measure the carpet and buying the right tools, just hoping that you will get it right. By hiring a certified professional for carpet installation, you will have peace of mind that your carpet will fit in your room just as it should. All you need to worry about is choosing which carpet works best for your home.

With great warranties for your carpet purchases and installation by 651 Carpet, we make it easy. Each of our warranties include: texture retention, installation and customer satisfaction protection. Knowing that you are going to get great carpet installed properly with backed up by warranties, 651 Carpets makes it an easy choice for choosing carpet installation in Minneapolis area.

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