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Glue Down Carpet Installation

This type of carpet installation is very popular for business owners. This is because glued down carpet is resistant to heavy foot traffic. As the name suggests, it is literally glued to the floor.

There are actually two varieties of glued down carpets: direct and double.

Direct glue down carpet installation means that the carpet is pasted to the floor itself. Of course, the floor must be perfectly smooth to apply this process. Performing this type of carpet installation is beneficial for business because the carpet is extremely durable and can be applied to large settings at an inexpensive cost.

Double glue down carpet installation means that the carpet is not pasted directly to the floor, but it is applied to a layer placed over the floor. When carpet is applied in this manner, it actually protects the carpet itself. In addition, the extra layer means that your home or place of business will have added insulation. This aspect will save you money on energy costs.

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