The Modern Rules of Carpet Cleaning
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The Modern Rules of Carpet Cleaning

It can be hard to show off a home’s best assets if the carpet is dirty, filthy, stained or otherwise deficient. Sometimes the holidays and all the gatherings and food are to blame. Sometimes it is the pets or children, and sometimes it is just the fact of life – one cannot avoid walking on carpeted floors and tracking many unknowns into its fibers. There are spills, the outside elements coming in, crumbs and all sorts of things making it dirty. It becomes a real quest to make sure that carpet shows off its best assets and provides a pleasant backdrop for the rest of the home. Carpeting has evolved, but even the best of carpeting still needs maintenance. Follow these modern rules of carpet cleaning to keep yours looking new and feeling great!

The Modern Rules of Carpet Cleaning

One lady shared how she moved into a brand new house that was all sparkling and fresh. She was overwhelmed with the square footage, taken aback by the recessed lighting, amazed at the huge back yard and roomy kitchen. She had four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Never had she lived in such a wondrous and spacious place. She said one guest came over after she’d decorated it and fixed it up. This guest walked into the house and dropped to the floor. “Wow, you have Berber carpet,” she said. The homeowner found out that Berber Carpeting has loop pile construction and comes in light carpeting shades with dark flecks of other colors. The friend knew what she was looking at. She ran her fingers through it and declared its value. The homeowner had no idea that she had another asset in her home until that day. The millennial friend did, for she was aware of the new advances in carpeting.

Carpeting continues to evolve and advance. In 2015, color schemes for homes seem to be going the way of neutral colors in various grades that speak of nature. One Behr painting website shows some light shades with names like white fur, Cheyenne rock and lion. Warm shades of grey, the various hues of green and the array of plum shades are also showing up this year.

Imaginations are running wild this year in terms of the type, colors and brands of carpet that can be used in spaces of various sizes. There’s soft and tough merged into one carpet, which is spun with durable double fibers – and known as the Softspring collection. Home Depot seems to be pretty proud of this new hybrid. One of their promos features an infant asleep on the floor. This carpet is his or her only support.

Even with the advancements in carpeting, their ability to resist stains, their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic, with their various features and designs – all carpet gets dirty. Consumer products put several brands of D-I-Y carpet cleaners to the test. They included containers, such as spray bottles, but they also looked at various machines; including those you can buy, those you can rent at stores and those that come with a professional carpet cleaning expert. View their carpet cleaner buying guide for more information.

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