Carpet Colors that Maintain a Fresh Appeal Over Time
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Carpet Colors that Maintain a Fresh Appeal

Carpet takes a toll each day, as it gets walked on, sat on, and played on. It’s a miracle that it ever looks new in the first place. There are three general categories of carpet designs that all have their own individual way of keeping your floors looking new. Consider these carpet colors that maintain a fresh appeal the next time you replace your carpet.

Carpet Colors That Maintain a Fresh Appeal

Light Carpet Colors.

Now, everyone knows that light-colored carpets make the rooms in your home look bright. The downside to light carpet is that it is more likely to show the results of high traffic. If your carpet sees a lot of spills, messes, and shoe traffic, the light-colored carpet is likely to show signs of aging faster than other colors.

Dark Carpet Colors.

Dark carpets, depending on the shade, can hide almost anything. A dark chocolate brown can hide a whole lot of wear and tear. This is great, particularly if you have people around who are prone to spilling their food and drinks. Not only will the dark colors hide spills and stains better, but they will also hide markings from dirt and foot traffic. Being able to hide the wear on your carpets is what keeps them looking new for the longest amount of time.

One little tidbit about dark carpet—just because the dirt and spots aren’t as easily seen on the dark surface, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. So being aware of what it’s actually on your carpet, and consistently cleaning it, will help keep it truly clean even when it’s hard to see the dirt.

Pattern Carpet.

This isn’t a common kind of carpet that you would see in residential homes. The most memorable place to see patterned carpets would be in large rooms at places such as a hotel or convention center. These patterned style carpets are made to draw your eye to the design, making it more difficult to see if the carpet is dirty or not. Not only are there designs on the carpet, but they are often times primarily dark colors. This is done strategically as these commercial spaces tend to see so much foot wear and heavy use, that it would be nearly impossible to keep it looking good for many years in a row.

Many people love the idea of having light carpets in their home, and it can look great in some homes that have less chances of spilling or dirt tracked into carpeted areas. With that being said, the most practical choice for many homeowners is to choose a darker carpet, at least in the areas that are the most used. Keeping in mind what would work most practically for the use of your family will help you make your choice of what color carpet to install in your home. The idea is that you want your flooring to look nice for as long as possible. Deciding on the color of carpet that would work best for your family’s lifestyle will make you the most happy with your decision in the long run.

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