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Variety of Carpets and Carpet Installation Tips

5 Tips for Choosing the Best MN Carpet

Nothing beats the feeling of having a nice, plushy carpet below your feet. Carpet is warm, cozy and welcoming, which is are feelings every Minnesotan could use, especially during the winter. To make sure that you pick the perfect carpet for your home, take a look at these five essential tips.

Carpet Installation Tips:

Carpeting Tip #1: Pick a good padding.

When your looking at the numbers it could be easy to skimp and get a cheap padding, don’t. Padding provides carpet with support and extra cushioning, and you’ll be able to feel the difference between good padding and cheap padding once the carpet is installed.

Carpeting Tip #2: Be careful when selecting who will install the carpet.

There is a multitude of places out there where you can get carpet, so be careful not to get scammed. Just like its important to choose a good quality carpet, choosing a quality contractor to install it is vital. A poor quality job will leave you with seams, bulges, lumps and other issues, and then all of the money you spend will have been a waste.

Carpeting Tip #3: Consider the amount of maintenance you want to do

There is a huge variety of carpets to choose from, and each require different maintenance and upkeep. Consider what room the carpet is going in, who will be using that room, and how much work you will want to put into maintaining it. The material you choose can greatly affect how much maintenance you will be doing. Some, like high density loop carpets, are resistant to dirt and stains, while others are adept at hiding dirt and footprints.

Carpeting Tip #4: Think about high traffic areas.

“You may want to consider the amount of foot traffic you get in certain areas. Stairs, for example, get a lot of wear. If you have lots of guests over or walk around your house a lot, getting a more durable, dense fabric will help you carpet last longer and look nicer throughout the years,” said Tom Hendrickson, a home builder.

Carpeting Tip #5: Be Sustainable.

You may be surprised to learn that there are environmentally friendly carpets. Many carpets now a days come from recycled materials such as bottles, or recycled carpets. Using organic fabrics such as wool is also a green option, because nylon and other synthetics are made from fossil fuel byproducts which are harmful to the environment.


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