2 Types of Hardwood Flooring To Put In Your Home
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2 Types of Hardwood Flooring To Put In Your Home

If you are thinking of installing a hardwood floor, there are some important options to consider. Not all hardwood floors are created equal. The right choice will not only make a major difference in the appearance of your home or office, but will save you the hassle of dealing with enduring issues. Learn about these two types of hardwood flooring to put in your home before you make a final decision! We recently discussed the difference between engineered vs. solid hardwood floors. In this article, we will further examine hardwood floors so that you can better understand them and make the best choice in flooring for your home or office.

Types of Hardwood Flooring To Put In Your Home

These two types of hardwood flooring options will make your room(s) look gorgeous and both have their own unique advantages.

Unfinished Hardwood Floors.

These are brought to your home in an untreated state. They have not been sanded or stained like pre-finished wood is before its arrival. Using unfinished wood can end up costing you more in terms of actual maintenance (you will also see a lot more foot traffic in your home during installation). However, the wood itself may be less expensive. In addition, unfinished hardwood floors are easier when it comes to customization and can be cut into specific sizes, arranged a certain way and it is easier to color the wood to fit the interior surroundings. Because of this, unfinished floors are ideal if your goal is to match your new floor with an older existing one. You will also have a larger selection of wood if you choose the unfinished option.

Pre-finished Hardwood Floors.

These are much easier to install. The installation process itself is much quicker and you will not see as much leftover sawdust. Pre-finished wood usually has several coats of finish on it before it arrives at your home. Once the wood is positioned in the floor, you can begin walking over it right away instead of waiting for the finish to dry. The pre-finished wood is more durable and will have a stronger resistance to humidity. A disadvantage of pre-finished boards is that they are cut in a manner to avoid sharp edges, making them beveled. This means that there will be some space between each board. However, the space is minimal.

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